Book Recommendations

I have stumbled upon many good resources and this page is an effort to list them all with a bit of review.

I provide links as a courtesy.  I receive ZERO compensation if you click any link.  This blog generates no income. 


“31 Days to Masculinity” by Hunter Drew  This book came out of a challenge that Hunter formulated, originally referred to as the Men of March.  Each day provided a daily challenge to accomplish with several other daily requirements for all 31 days.  I went thru this along with many others including a good friend and my son.  All benefited from this month long journey.   Highly recommended to men trying to re-establish who they are and what they want.  Amazon Link to 31 Days

“Love and Respect” by Emerson Eggerich  This book was the first one I read when I was trying to work with my wife to fix our marriage.  Should be required reading for any couple that wishes to unite.  It’s Christian based, written by a pastor. Don’t let that dissuade you.  Strong Dominance/submission message here. Amazon Link to Love and Respect

“When I say No, I feel Guilty” by Manuel J. Smith  I found this book off the Red Pill Reddit site sidebar.  This book, even at my age, has given me tools to use in all situations life throws at me.  I use at least one of these strategies daily.  Some would call it assertiveness training.  That’s a generic description.  I’ve always been rather assertive yet still got a lot out of it.  Amazon link to WISNIFG

The New Primal Blueprint” by Mark Sisson  This is one of the most in-depth books on nutrition and “Paleo” eating I’ve run across.  If you’re older and hate small fonts in books, the hard cover version of this book is very easy on the eyes.  The right size font for me.  A great place to start.  Amazon link to Mark’s book

“The Rational Male: Positive Masculinity” by Rollo Tomassi  This is Volume 3 of Rollo’s Rational Male series.  Rollo is one of the early writers on Red Pill awareness.  This volume covers masculinity in parenting for guys that have kids or want to have kids.  Amazon link to Rollo’s Third Opus