In case there was ever any doubt… For those of you who missed my last email, I spoke at this past weekend’s 21 Convention: Patriarch Edition.   This was the first event of its kind anywhere that I know of.The men attending where the true stars of the show.  So many men told me their stories.  Stories [...]

D/s is not BDSM

One of the biggest hurdles a couple faces when exploring the ideas of adopting a formal Dominant/submissive lifestyle is the stigma surrounding BDSM. These four letters freak many people out.  These letters generally are defined as Bondage, Discipline, Sadism and Masochism.  But where’s the Dominance and submission, you ask? Books and movies, such as Fifty [...]

Men are Hungry

I was talking with a friend of mine, Hunter Drew, of The Family Alpha.  Hunter has been writing for two years now.  He reported back that his site just hit 1,000,000 views.  That’s impressive as heck. But, let’s dig a bit deeper. Hunter has been writing a very consistent message to married men and those [...]

Many men are lost and struggling in their marriages.  They want the spark back in their relationship.  There is a sense of desperation that begins to fester.  These men want a better situation than they are in. Sex is the glue that holds a marriage together.  Resentment is the solvent that dissolves it. Divorce is [...]

Proper Preparations

I arose this morning at 5:00 in order to go slay some fish.  It’s been a wet and cold week down on the Texas coastline but today was the day. The wind had dropped to near zero.  The temperature was up to 60F.  Conditions were truly optimal for the end of November. Lack of diligence [...]

Communication is Critical

Sometimes it feels like you are in a battle.  The artillery shells are flying overhead, outbound noise blocking out all other sounds.  At the same time, inbound rounds whiz past your helmet.  All hell is breaking loose.  Death is marching towards you… The key to acting as a concerted force of war is communication.  Military [...]

Fear of the Unknown

Fear is a powerful emotion. Fear causes anxiety. Many men spend most of their life worrying about things that simply will never happen. Having studied Mathematics in University, I have been taught how to analyze real life problems.  Most say, “Why study math?  I’ll never use it.” I see calculus problems in real life all [...]

When Motivation Starts to Slip

We’ve all been there.  Fired up, motivated as hell, pursuing your goals with all you’ve got.  Then the inevitable.  You wake up one more and the intensity has dropped a bit.  You start doing the things that had been making you successful.  Yet… Things aren’t quite clicking like they had been.  You start to question [...]

Jack Murphy has written a great book. “Democrat to Deplorable”  is an “everyman’s story” of swimming in the shark infested waters of the 2016 Presidential Campaign. Ask yourself this… How could the Democrat party lose a lifelong member, one who was a self-professed Social Activist?  One who worked to save inner city schools?  One that [...]