Being in the Flow

Some call it Flow, some call it Living in Alignment, some call it Being in Sync.   I don’t care what you call it, but once you hit it, you never want to give it up.  This is one of those areas where body, mind and spirit align. Getting your body in tune is key, [...]

Everything Ends

It’s guaranteed; everything ends.   Your main source of income will one day be gone.  Relationships end, sometimes it’s death, other times divorce, or just an argument with a friend or family member that can never be resolved. Every situation we find ourselves in is only transient.  So there is some good to go with [...]

The Little Within

One of the coolest parts about our finding our D/s selves has been the inner discovery of all my girl’s many flavors.   People seem to want to give others one label and force them into that one box.    Looking at these different flavors has been really enlightening    Much past behavior now makes [...]

Stop Apologizing

I cannot tell you how many people say “I’m sorry” to me on a daily basis. It’s an epidemic. It’s become such a commonly uttered phrase that it’s lost all meaning. A few years ago, I began to challenge both men and women that tell me this. I tell them to save that phrase for [...]

No More Madness

Victim Mentality has seemingly become the accepted standard of human behavior lately. When did this happen? Somewhere along the way, the rules of the game shifted away from personal responsibility.    One of the craziest things I hear from men that have reached out to me are the excuses as to why their life sucks. [...]

A Walking Talking Miracle

I was having a private message with a new friend I’d just met on Twitter.  Yeah, I said friend.   It’s how I think. We were taking medical stuff and I told him I am a survivor of Necrotizing Fasciitis.   He said, “jfc you’re a miracle.”  (NF is also known as Flesh Eating Bacteria) [...]

Men, Here is Step One…

Okay, whether you are a new Dom or just trying to fix your life, there is always a Step One.  It’s been said many times before and it’s been repeated so often for a reason.  It’s the straight up unadulterated truth. In order for a man to lead anyone or anything, he must lead himself. [...]

Red Pill thru the D/s Lens

As previously mentioned, my girl and I managed to almost completely derail our marriage a few years ago and came out in a (new to us) Dominant and submissive lifestyle.  We live it 24/7.  Some days are better than others.  Don’t let anyone fool you about their perfect D/s. If you live with a real [...]

This D/s Stuff is Hard Work

Okay buttercup, you wanted into this Dominance/submission thing.  Why?  For most, the prospects of a man getting his sexual appetite satiated is a huge draw initially.  Then the work starts… I have heard story after story about D/s couples that are no longer living D/s.  Lots of reasons why it failed, however, it normally comes [...]

The Courage to Stand Alone

There are always times where a man will have a huge decision to make.  Be quiet and keep the static peace.  Or, speak his mind and risk alienation. Which one allows you to look in the mirror and like the man you see looking back? These are turbulent times.  The powers that be want to [...]