That Which Hasn’t Been Said

We blog our ideas and thoughts and wonder if any of it really is unique.  Am I guilty of plagiarizing something I heard years ago and simply forgot? The Curse of Time is one such topic.  There really isn’t much new to be said on the subject.  At some point, words such as these exist [...]

The Next Hero Generation

There is an old verse: Good Times Create Weak Men, Weak Mean Create Hard Times, Hard Times Create Strong Men, and Strong Men Create Good Times. In January, my girl wrote on the small chalkboard in our hallway by the back door.  She proclaimed 2020 to be Clear Skies, Clear Sailing.   She was making a [...]

Be the Oak

I want to share a perspective.

One of the biggest things we all can do is maintain our frame. All those around you will feed off your unwavering confidence.

The Chief Listens…

As we hit this campground, we were inundated with 6″ of rain that left the river swollen 6 feet above its banks. That led to some localized flooding until one morning, we found our trucks trapped by high water and our bunk house was now on an island…

The Curse of Invisibility

Some think of Invisibility as a fictional super-power from the comic books of our youth. We might think it an incredible gift. The reality is, it’s a curse for many people who experience it daily. Perhaps it’s a family member; your wife or your kids. They feel invisible to you or in society overall. So [...]

The Self Aware Man

Most of us muddle along in life. We go to our jobs. We try to manage our finances with a look to future retirement. We work to raise our kids to be respectful, functional cogs in the machine, just as we are.

Fault Lies

One of the realities in embracing a formal D/s role in your home, it forces an honesty onto both partners. This can be a welcomed relief and a pained admission. Honesty is one of the basic stones that make up the D/s Foundation. When you jump into this, you accept that you will be honest [...]