Proper Preparations

I arose this morning at 5:00 in order to go slay some fish.  It’s been a wet and cold week down on the Texas coastline but today was the day. The wind had dropped to near zero.  The temperature was up to 60F.  Conditions were truly optimal for the end of November. Lack of diligence [...]

Communication is Critical

Sometimes it feels like you are in a battle.  The artillery shells are flying overhead, outbound noise blocking out all other sounds.  At the same time, inbound rounds whiz past your helmet.  All hell is breaking loose.  Death is marching towards you… The key to acting as a concerted force of war is communication.  Military [...]

Fear of the Unknown

Fear is a powerful emotion. Fear causes anxiety. Many men spend most of their life worrying about things that simply will never happen. Having studied Mathematics in University, I have been taught how to analyze real life problems.  Most say, “Why study math?  I’ll never use it.” I see calculus problems in real life all [...]

When Motivation Starts to Slip

We’ve all been there.  Fired up, motivated as hell, pursuing your goals with all you’ve got.  Then the inevitable.  You wake up one more and the intensity has dropped a bit.  You start doing the things that had been making you successful.  Yet… Things aren’t quite clicking like they had been.  You start to question [...]

Jack Murphy has written a great book. “Democrat to Deplorable”  is an “everyman’s story” of swimming in the shark infested waters of the 2016 Presidential Campaign. Ask yourself this… How could the Democrat party lose a lifelong member, one who was a self-professed Social Activist?  One who worked to save inner city schools?  One that [...]

Being in the Flow

Some call it Flow, some call it Living in Alignment, some call it Being in Sync.   I don’t care what you call it, but once you hit it, you never want to give it up.  This is one of those areas where body, mind and spirit align. Getting your body in tune is key, [...]

Everything Ends

It’s guaranteed; everything ends.   Your main source of income will one day be gone.  Relationships end, sometimes it’s death, other times divorce, or just an argument with a friend or family member that can never be resolved. Every situation we find ourselves in is only transient.  So there is some good to go with [...]

The Little Within

One of the coolest parts about our finding our D/s selves has been the inner discovery of all my girl’s many flavors.   People seem to want to give others one label and force them into that one box.    Looking at these different flavors has been really enlightening    Much past behavior now makes [...]

Stop Apologizing

I cannot tell you how many people say “I’m sorry” to me on a daily basis. It’s an epidemic. It’s become such a commonly uttered phrase that it’s lost all meaning. A few years ago, I began to challenge both men and women that tell me this. I tell them to save that phrase for [...]

No More Madness

Victim Mentality has seemingly become the accepted standard of human behavior lately. When did this happen? Somewhere along the way, the rules of the game shifted away from personal responsibility.    One of the craziest things I hear from men that have reached out to me are the excuses as to why their life sucks. [...]