The Mission

It has taken me many years to even realize I needed a mission.  I had made my kids my mission, my job my mission, my wife my mission: all leading to an ever increasing level of dissatisfaction. I just slogged thru life, moving from one weekend to the next, one paycheck to the next, hoping [...]

The Shifting Sands of 2021

Welcome to 2021. We are fully into it now. It’s been a while since I was last moved to send an email. I, along with many of you, found 2020 to be a year of challenges. For many of us, we leveled up in a several ways. We learned how to work from home. We [...]

A Questionable Life

I ask you now: are you leading a questionable life? You ponder the idea and try to decide where I am headed with this. Am I asking you about moral failings, committed sins, wrongs inflicted on others? As you start to feel somewhat persecuted, a sweat appears on your forehead, a pressure builds in your [...]

Christianity and the Dom/sub Life

The Dom/sub lifestyle is often very misunderstood.  When I gave a talk recently, one of the questions I had after was how did I reconcile being a Christian and being a Dom to my sub wife. I paused for a brief second.  As I had mentioned in my talk, my wife and I are monogamous.  [...]

Beans and Leaves

Humans are creatures of habit it’s said.  We tend to love our daily rituals.   They allow us some continuity. We normally rise as the same time each day.  I suppose that’s hard wired genetically.   The older we get, the earlier we rise. I think that has a lot to do with the older we get, [...]

The Free Agent

Pull up a cuppa coffee and let me tell you a story about taking chances in life.  You might think this all about career changes but it’s bigger than that. It’s a tale of change, confidence, belief, and taking chances. Years ago, I knew I needed to get away from my Big Pharma job.  I [...]

All Women Are Like That

When a man finally takes the Red Pill and examines his relationships with women, his path can take a lot of interesting turns.  Anger, resentment, denial, etc. This is like Kubler-Ross’ Five Stages of Grief. It’s easy to get on the bandwagon of “all women bad.”.   You pick out one particular bad example and say [...]

On the Sanctity of Marriage

There is a line in most wedding vows, richer/poorer/sickness/health for a reason.  It’s a reminder that things change over time.  Events shape a man and woman’s relationship.  Those events can be a new child, a lay-off, cancer, pandemic. None of us know what’s to come when we look each other in the eye, and before [...]

That Which Hasn’t Been Said

We blog our ideas and thoughts and wonder if any of it really is unique.  Am I guilty of plagiarizing something I heard years ago and simply forgot? The Curse of Time is one such topic.  There really isn’t much new to be said on the subject.  At some point, words such as these exist [...]

The Next Hero Generation

There is an old verse: Good Times Create Weak Men, Weak Mean Create Hard Times, Hard Times Create Strong Men, and Strong Men Create Good Times. In January, my girl wrote on the small chalkboard in our hallway by the back door.  She proclaimed 2020 to be Clear Skies, Clear Sailing.   She was making a [...]