Welcome to the Texas Dom Blog

I’m Tex, a husband, father, grandfather, writer, speaker, and Christian.
I’ve been successful longer than most of you have been alive.
  • I’ve dropped 100 lbs of fat, going from obese to beast.
  • I’m no stranger to building businesses or closing multi-million dollar deals.
  • I am still married to my first wife, a woman who calls herself my submissive.

In these three areas, I’ve grown the most as a man.  In my writing and speeches, you won’t find theory.  You’ll find life lessons, hard-won through experience.


My wife and I live a Dom/sub lifestyle; she calls me her Dominant, her Sir, her Warrior.  Because of this lifestyle, our marriage was saved.  Our passion for each other, and life itself, was re-ignited.

Our marriage was like a ship headed for a rocky and deadly shore…

Then one day she came to me and asked me to be her Dom;  I accepted

I had no idea what I was agreeing to!

If you want a glimpse into how our Dom/sub life began, read this article.
Let your girl know it’s okay to be a girl and embrace her femininity.  It’s okay to stay home and take care of the castle and raise children.


Most men my age are fat, lazy, and complacent.

I know this because I was there too.  I found a way out.  Now, I’m helping others do the same.  

Middle aged men are drinking too much.  They watch too much sports ball.  They’re living in the past talking about when they “used to be somebody” when they should be going on new adventures.  They are planning their retirement in order to do even less than they are doing right now.

Is this you?

Is this where you are headed?
Listen, I’m 60 and I’ve found a way to reclaim the energy of my youth.  I continue to pursue life goals while enjoying my wife and our wonderful sex life.

So, why write about it and not just sit back and enjoy all I’ve earned?
Most younger men I have come across had absent or weak fathers.
No one taught them what it was to be a man or even how to respect themselves.  
I aim to change that.
Just as I answered my wife’s call and became her Dom, so too am I answering the call of both today’s youth and grown men.  Men are desperately searching for mentors and answers to what they’re supposed to do with the energy inside that comes with being a man.
The attacks on men living in the western world have never been more intense.
Masculinity itself is openly vilified.  Men are being electronically castrated by the thousands every day.
In their homes.
In their schools.
In their churches.

Their mom meant well, but a mom can’t teach her son what it is to be a man.
Many Fathers are failing miserably.  

Life has tossed me many curveballs along the way.
I’ve struck out a few times.  I always did so while swinging for the fences.  I’ve won and I’ve lost. 
Yet, I’ve found a way to keep playing the game when most have retired or straight given up.

I bring a Message of Hope.
If I can fix my life, you can as well.  

As I write, give speeches, and mentor,  I’m throwing ropes to drowning men.  It’s my hope that the message, spoken and written, finds a way to those who need it.  They need to know they aren’t alone…

  • Life is hard.
  • Men need Tribes.
  • Society needs Warriors.
  • Younger men need Elders.

I did not pursue it, but I’ve found myself as an Elder Warrior.  It’s time to pass the message on to those coming up in the world, read on and enjoy the content.

Keep in mind that what you learn, you need to apply.   No matter how rocky your path currently appears, if you keep moving forward, you will make it through.  I am honored to be your guide. 

You’ve got this.  Life can be very fun when you are firing on all cylinders.