Men Are Watching

I was on a zoom call with some friends the other night.  We were talking about the “why” we do what we do.

Why we work on improving ourselves.  Why we work to improve our marriages and our families.

In a world that values hedonism and mediocrity, why even bother?

Because there’s something more to life that is only found by pursuing excellence.

I’m 60.  It’d be easy to just keep banking at work, lining up a good retirement, not really pushing myself too hard.  I mean, “heck, I’ve earned a break!”

Right?  Right?

That’s what most men in their 60’s would say.

My goal is to be a top 1% man in my age group.   And doing that likely puts me in top 5% of all men at any age.

So, I lift.  I read.  I study.  I research.  I pray.

Yeah, I pray.

Body Mind and Spirit are on the challenge coin given to me from the Fraternity of Excellence,

For me, working my spirit means getting more in tune with my Creator.  My God, the Holy Trinity.

It’s more than the trinity tattoo on my back.  It’s applying my study of the bible, combined with my local church activities, and my time spent praying.

I love to lift weights.

And I get a great amount of cardio logged in on my rower.  It’s my mental health therapy.  I get so much out of it.

I get asked why a lot.  Why bother?  You’ve got a great wife of 30+ years.  It’s not like you’re chasing girls.

I train my body, not to live longer, but to hopefully have that road to the end be a lot less bumpy.

I was very happy that’d I’d been on this path for a few years when I got Covid.

Sailed thru it.

A lot of 60 year olds with a comorbidity or three didn’t survive the China Virus these last two years.

I get asked where the drive comes from, the motivation, the intensity.

I think you’ve got two options.  Go for it with all you’ve got, or kick back and wait to die.

I’m only halfway to death.

I’ve got a lot of living to do yet.

I do wish I’d started down this path in my 30’s.  But it took me a long time to wake up.

I was that King of Rohan in LOTR.  I was in a fog, under a spell, headed to a quick death.

Then I woke up.

There is no greater feeling than to be back in battle and have my mission laid out in front of me, seizing my opportunities to excel.

And in the process, perhaps I can motivate a few younger men in my life.

When you hit the Tribal Elder mark, young men are watching everything you do.

In my talk at the Conference of Masculine Excellence this past June, I spent some time talking about “In Search of Tribal Elders”.

If you’re on older gent reading this, how are you doing in this new Elder role?  Not everyone is gets to grow old.  It’s not a given.

Men are watching.

Do you want to be an Elder that has their respect?

We’ve talked often about how women need to be loved, but men need to be respected.

Men thrive, flourish, and are fed by Respect.  I’d truly rather be respected than loved.

So this is the why.

The why bother?  The why even give a rat’s rear end?

A man needs to fill that role of Tribal Elder with the excellence the role deserves.

Keep that bar set high as you age, my friends.  Men are watching.

And your kids are watching too.

And their friends are watching.

And your wife is watching.

And you can bet your boots your wife’s friends are watching as well!

Be the man they want to eventually be.

It’s that simple.