A Questionable Life

I ask you now: are you leading a questionable life?

You ponder the idea and try to decide where I am headed with this.

Am I asking you about moral failings, committed sins, wrongs inflicted on others?

As you start to feel somewhat persecuted, a sweat appears on your forehead, a pressure builds in your head, the uncomfortable feeling of stress.  Then suddenly, a fleeting thought takes hold:

“What if he’s talking about something else?”

As we go about our day, our actions always tell others who we are and what we believe.  Some of these actions are purposeful, others simply ingrained into our character.

“Character is what you do when no one is looking”.

Often in public, we try to blend in and not attract unnecessary attention.  We don’t want to be that odd duck.

I know many Christians who hide their beliefs out of fear of persecution.   In these current times, people of faith are attacked and belittled far too often

We are marginalized in the media and entertainment industry   We are laughed at.  We are often looked down upon for “believing some fairy tale”.

When you read what Paul and the first Christians went thru after Christ’s death, our current persecution pales in comparison.

Are your daily actions questionable?

Are others drawn to you only to ask why you are the way you are?   Perhaps it’s your kindness shown.  Or your great health exhibited.  Or the way you always step up  to help those in need.

Maybe it’s just your positive outlook each day in defiance of all the negativity we find ourselves surrounded by…

If you are leading a questionable life, people will question you about it.  They want to know what your secret is.

That irrational confidence you exude attracts a following.

You are unique in a world of conformity.

You say what you mean.   Your actions are congruent with your spoken words.  You face the beast each day with a deep seated bravery while others cower.

There are so many things that make you unique.

Do you hide them from prying eyes?

This unique type of man women want to marry.  The type of man who gets noticed.

Often I’ll have conversations with younger men trying to find that “right girl”.   They search and search.  Frustrated.

“It’s better to be a man worth finding than a man always searching”

Are you living an exemplary life?   If not, when are you going to start?

Make your actions questionable in a good way.

When you do this you change the world, one man at a time.

Share your secrets of happiness and success with others when they ask.

Trust me, they will ask what you are doing because  they see you living the type life they crave  

Live a life that garners questions.

Change the world.

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