She Deserves Your Dominance

Women have been lied to about so much of what it means to be a woman.  They’ve been raised with a false ideology of mandatory equality of both sexes.

“We want to be just like men,” they say.

That is simply not possible.

Let me ask you, which man do you want to be like?  The strong leader of families?  The weak father so many had?  The guy that digs the ditches for years breaking his back?  The soldier fighting hand to hand and to the death in battle?

Begs the question, why wish for something that is simply not possible?

This has always left me bewildered.

Femininity is beautiful.  It’s the wonderful yin to masculinity’s yang.

Society wants our little girls to be little boys and little boys to be little girls.

Somehow our biology has managed to start little girl’s periods at a much younger age than just 20 years ago.

And at the same time, boys and young men, strike that, make that all men are seeing plummeting testosterone levels.

It’s an epidemic, the over-estrogenization of America.

One day, I suppose we will know how we’ve managed to poison ourselves. Water?  Food?  Pesticides?  The list goes on.  We simply don’t know right now.

Men and women are born differently.  There’s only two genders.  Nature decides that in the womb.  They both need proper levels of female and male hormones to function properly and as God intended.

Men can’t be women and women can’t be men.

We don’t think the same.  We are not the same physically.  Men can’t have babies.  Women are not generally as strong as men.  Men are logic-based, women are emotion-based.  And it’s okay.  It’s actually beautiful.

I laugh at the absurdity of sex changes, multiple genders, and the socially woke agenda.

They’ve polluted the minds of women and men with all this garbage.

When did it become okay to socially shun a Stay at Home Mom?  If you’ve known any SAHM’s, you instantly recognize what a very difficult job it is.

There is meaning to it.  It helps maintain the family unit.  It helps children grow up in safe and stable environments.

Women are better suited to rearing young children at home.  It’s in their DNA.  It’s how God wired them.

They are naturally better at being caregivers and that’s good since they are the ones that birth the children.

The happiest women I know defer to their husband’s leadership.  So many women have been denied a husband who is a strong leader.

We’ve all been fed the lie of equality. 

Now, certainly no one would suggest that we are not equal in the eyes of the Law.  That’s proper and right.  It’s the law of the land.

But we are not meant to be equal.  The spark of attraction goes out.  Desire and romance leave the building.  Unhappiness turns into bitterness which turns into divorce in many cases.

It doesn’t have to be this way.  The answer is simple.  

Men, we need to be strong, decisive leaders.   Women, you need to find the peace and happiness that comes from surrendering to the right man.

When I suggest you get in touch with the submissive that lives within you, I’m not suggesting you be submissive to every man.  On the contrary, you are a strong woman.

No one is asking you to not be strong. 

But finding that one man and surrendering to him, being a submissive wife, leads to an inner peace and overall satisfaction.

Here’s my suggestion:  Try It for Six Months!  See what happens.

What do you have to lose?  You won’t lose your identify.  You might just gain an inner peace you’ve never known before.

Again, what do you have to lose?

If your marriage or life has left you wanting more, desiring passion and intimacy that hasn’t been there for a really long time, I have the recipe to get it all back.

Wives, submit to your Husbands.   Husbands, love your Wife with all that you have inside.

When you both head down this path together, you’ll quickly find yourself walking hand in hand, loving life with each other.

Men, your woman deserves your Dominance, your Leadership.  They were designed to receive it.

I’ve been on this planet a long time.  Trust me on this.

This life works. 

Surrender to him and let it all unfold.

— Tex