On the Sanctity of Marriage

There is a line in most wedding vows, richer/poorer/sickness/health for a reason.  It’s a reminder that things change over time. 

Events shape a man and woman’s relationship.  Those events can be a new child, a lay-off, cancer, pandemic.

None of us know what’s to come when we look each other in the eye, and before God, and promise Him and each other to enter this new life together.

Over the last 50 years, our society has focused on the self and less on sacrifice and honor.  The “You deserve it” mentality.

When the times get tough, men and women bail on the marriage.  It’s actually way more women file for divorce than men.  One can argue hypergamy all you wish and it really can’t be denied.

I’m not blaming women in general but I do blame feminism.

I do blame corporate greed.

Women have been fed a lie. “Live like a Man”. You have to compete and prove yourself. “Staying home and having kids is a disgrace”, they claim. “Career first, just freeze your eggs and have kids later after.”

So the challenge many women face is trying to lead at work.  But then not lead at home.

For any union to succeed, one has to lead and the other has to defer to said leadership.  It takes a very strong woman to pull that off.  And sadly, there aren’t too many of them out there.

They come home barking orders to their man like the family CEO.

Men are so conditioned to equality of the sexes, being taught in school and in church now, being reinforced by all media.  So much so  that they just roll over and take it.

We are in an era of weak men.  It’s societal programming.  How to make good worker bees.

So we end up with crap.

Neither men nor women are living their natural states.

No polarity.

No spark of attraction.

No desire.

Very little sex.

Miserable roommates.

No one to blame as it’s how many of us and now our kids are being raised.

Unhappy and unfulfilled and under-sexed. This is the state of marital union.

If you are being painted by this word picture, stop the madness.

Women: submit to your husbands with respect.

Men: lead your wife well with love. Establish a safe and strong frame so your woman wants to live under it.

If you’ve never had a woman who would follow you to the Ends of the Earth, serving your leadership, desire in her eyes, knowing she’s your most cherished possession, it’s time to make a change.

Once you’ve experienced this, there is no other way to live.

You both must burn your ships on this new shore, never to go back to the old and miserable ways.


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