All Women Are Like That

When a man finally takes the Red Pill and examines his relationships with women, his path can take a lot of interesting turns.  Anger, resentment, denial, etc.

This is like Kubler-Ross’ Five Stages of Grief.

It’s easy to get on the bandwagon of “all women bad.”.   You pick out one particular bad example and say “all women are like that.”

And why not?  I mean, let’s face it, most men don’t discover the Red Pill until they’re either going thru a divorce rape or just got out of out of a horrible marriage.  Maybe they’re still in a marriage that is crumbling and they are trying desperately to fix it.

Misery loves company.

There are a lot of “universal truths” that get applied to both genders.  (And yes, there are only two genders, pick up a biology book.)

It can take a while to appreciate the good qualities women possess.  Yeah, I know, half my readers just unfollowed me.  So be it.

I was talking to some men this morning and we were talking about women treating their husbands as “just another kid they are forced to mother”.  It’s an interesting predicament.

The King abdicated his throne.   Who’s fault is it that the Queen was forced to pick up the pieces and keep the kingdom functioning?

This is where the resentment builds and can destroy what’s left of the union.

It’s easy to point out specific examples of evil men and evil women.  It’s normally a matter of perspective but yes, there are some women who are so inherently selfish and self-centered that they are only in it for themselves.

Plenty of men out there like that as well.

But what an amazing strength some women show when they are forced to lead their families.  Sure, they can get bitter.  Who wouldn’t?  This wasn’t what they signed up for when they said “I do.”

I’ve heard men say, “she changed and she’s trying to change me”.

I get that.  We all change.  See my recent blog on The Sanctity of Marriage.

But if that man takes a long hard look in the mirror, chances are better than not that he took his foot off the gas and got comfortable and lazy.

My main point is to not paint with too broad a brush.

A great point that came from a friend, it’s up to men to create the bubble your girl will live in.  It’s then up to her to help make that bubble a nice place to live.

So we find ourselves with continued divorce disasters.  Wuhan virus hasn’t helped that very much.  Anecdotal reports seem to indicate divorce attorneys are overly busy right now.

When you can’t get away to the gym or some other activity that used to provide some cooling off space, the tension/bitterness balloon expands to a bursting point.

You may be in a marriage you want to fix.  It begins with working on you.  Even if you put in the work on being a better you and the marriage fails, you’re in a better place with your life moving forward.

The split might already be where you find yourself.  You might have already filed for divorce or have just finished with one.

Now is the time to figure out what comes next for you.

Too many men will simply repeat the same behaviors that got them into the bad marriage to begin with.  They place all the fault on their former spouse and won’t shoulder any of the responsibility themselves.

And since humans find that pair bonding is their most natural state, they’re gonna re-up for another LTR or marriage a lot more quickly than they would imagine.

I say most, not all.  Some men will check out and die alone.  That’s their choice and I don’t condemn or applaud it.

So for the rest, eventually it will be time to re-create that bubble (or frame if you like that term) with another woman at some point for most.

History always repeats itself if you don’t learn from it.  Choose wisely.

Own your shit and do better with what you have now or what’s coming in your future.

Don’t be bitter and condemn an entire gender over one particularly bad event.  Life’s too short.


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