Be the Oak

I want to share a perspective.   

One of the biggest things we all can do is maintain our frame.   All those around you will feed off your unwavering confidence.   

The stock market is what it is.   People freaking out in what had been a very strong economy.    It’s group hysteria.   

Whether you are in or out, the masses see these drops and think the world is ending.  Don’t feed that beast.  

We are all asked to stay at home now. This seems to be vital in stopping the spread of this virus.

We are in a tricky spot. If we don’t do enough and a million die, we all second guess ourselves. If we go too far and kill the economy, we look back and second guess ourselves.

This is a politician’s wet dream. I am worried about increased government control. But I do feel like they have to do what they are doing because too many idiots won’t self-isolate.

So with all that being said, we are in this for at least a month or two longer.

Try and maintain some normal in your life.   This is going to be key to your kids.   They are flipping out even if they don’t show it.  

Remember kids know the adult things you and wife talk about it.   Assume they know it all.  

Do normal things where you can.  

We will all look back on this one day and know we handled ourselves well.   

I strongly encourage you to be the Family Oak.   Your branches are being blown by strong winds but your roots are deep and you’re impervious to these winds by all appearances.  

You might be choking inside.  Gush that stuff to another man you trust.  Email me.    

Don’t gush this to your family.    

We all have jobs to do to protect.   

Worry about the things you can control.    Assume you will get the virus.   Best way to approach it.   

Self isolate where possible.  

Be strong, men.   Your family and society demand this of us right now.   Rise to this challenge like you have no other. 

My son is near 30 years old. We’ve had the difficult discussions these last few years. Now we are talking more. He knows he needs to set the standard for those around him. Now is the time.   

Internalize this.   Live this.  Be the Oak.
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