Stay Grounded

That’s what the the coffee mug proclaimed.

I had finished my cup of coffee, rinsed the cup and opened the dishwasher. There I found one of my good Japanese kitchen knives. A tiny bit of rust was clinging to a couple of the small nicks in the blade.

What the heck had my Damascus steel piece of former perfection been put through?

“Must have been one helluva tough onion“, I thought.

This is where old me totally loses frame and seeks out a confrontation. Not today’s me.

I had warned my girl of the deadly sharpness, fearing she might lose a finger. But I really hadn’t laid down the law on the dishwasher or the types of jobs this knife was intended.

“You don’t know what you don’t know“, I reminded myself.

So there’s instead of being a total jerk about a stupid tool, I did the next best thing. I grabbed my stones.

I also took the mug with the sage advice and filled it with the water I would need to get the job done. That mug was a part of this now. Good reminder.

Good knives are like good relationships: you gotta put some work into them. Periodically we gotta sharpen them up. We suffer nicks from time to time. It’s inevitable.

I worked the blade over the whetstone. Leaning into it for a while on the rough stone, I got the dings filed out. Then it was time to finish it off with the finer stone. Once the edge was to my liking, satisfied we were back to great condition, I slid the blade back into its case.

Stay grounded. Great advice. The cup might as well has said, “Maintain Frame”.

Life lessons are everywhere when we take the time to be aware.

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