The Self Aware Man

Most of us muddle along in life. We go to our jobs. We try to manage our finances with a look to future retirement. We work to raise our kids to be respectful, functional cogs in the machine, just as we are.

We get trapped in social media feelz. We keep buying stuff to prove how we are making it. We chase society’s meaningless rabbits.

Then something changes. We wake up. Call it a Red Pill/Blue Pill Neo moment if you wish. But something changes inside.

We start asking the tough questions. We start to think for ourselves. We start to analyze our own actions and those of others around us.

It’s like those video games where you can change the perspective of your race car or your sword swinging character. There is that first person Point of View. Then there’s that angle where you are placed just behind and above your car or character.

I refer to that as the Third Person View.

These are those moments in real life where I see myself, my actions, my place in the universe.

Wow, talk about zooming out!

For instance, I’m on a flight from Houston to Orlando. At some point, this realization will hit me: I’m in a metal tube, hurtling along at 500mph at 33,000 feet and I have zero control of this situation. I see myself in that plane but from a slightly detached view.

These are the times I’m the most self aware.

For some men, having a strong frame is just a way of life. They don’t think about it. They just live it. Others naturally fall into that frame and the man never gives it much thought.

Others are actively working on improvement. We constantly reevaluate our actions, our words, our thoughts in such a way as to make quick course corrections.

This is a form of self awareness.

After enough time, we end up being like the first man in the example. It just becomes very natural and we don’t spend a lot of time thinking about it. We almost get on auto-pilot again.

Perhaps it becomes so automatic that we take our foot off the gas. We assume everything is great now and forever more.

At that point, have we lost some of our self awareness?

Is being a self aware man something we have to work on? I say yes. It needs to be a goal. You may call it something different.

Maybe it’s just taking 10-15 minutes a day to reconnect to your soul. Call it meditation if you want. It’s checking in with yourself. Flipping the auto pilot switch off for a while.

These are great times to analyze our recent interactions with family members or coworkers. Time to question our motivations, intents, and perceived outcomes. Did we just try to establish a covert contract? Did we try to manipulate a situation where another is damaged somehow?

These are great times to course correct.

Like any other life skill, taking these moments daily will eventually become a lifelong habit. It’s the best way to improve using daily analysis.

I’m not saying spend 5 hours a day in self analysis. Sure maybe once or twice a year, you might encounter a situation so messed up that you need several hours to figure it out.

That’s okay. That’s healthy. But doing this several times a week won’t get you to your goals.

Take some time this week and look inwards each day for a few minutes. Let me know how you do. I always answer emails and DM’s.

Until next time,

— Tex

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