The Old Cedar Chest

Somewhere along our path, Curveycat and I ended up with this old cedar chest.

It has battle scars everywhere. The hardware has a few replacement screws. Some of the straps are bent but none are broken. The main latch has some pitting from old rust but it’s in otherwise sturdy shape and quite functional.

Several years back, I took some lemon oil I use on my guitar fretboards and applied it to this old dried out and dilapidated chest. The wood soaked it up and begged for more. As I applied more oil and pressed it into the pores, a new beauty began to shine through.

Grain patterns emerge and show a contrast that is difficult to photograph but becomes obvious to the human eye when standing near. The old metal pieces began to show off some of their former strength.

Ironically, what’s on the inside is immaculate. The surface of those planks look new and vibrant. And, not a drop of oil has ever been applied. One can still smell the fresh scent of nature’s best.

About every six months, the old chest starts to get dried out again. Texas weather can be harsh, even if it is under porch protection. I look at it and know I’ve neglected it too long. It’s starting to get that taken for granted look again.

So I apply the oil with a rag and watch it’s natural wonder pop back.

We have become a disposable society. Most will simply toss away the old in search of the new and vibrant.

“Relationships are a lot like this”, I thought this morning, as I worked “her” over. (Yeah, the old chest is now a her to me)

If we let our old relationships, friends or lovers, sit idle with no thought to continued care, they grow old, tired and lackluster. We simply take them for granted until either they splinter from neglect or that which binds them simply corrodes to nothingness.

Rust never sleeps.

So today I will keep on the lookout for that around me which needs care and attention. I hope you will do so as well.

In the end, as we breathe our last breaths, it’s these relationships which will be the most rewarding of all.

Apply the oil, massage it in and turn the old back to new.

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  • Curvey Aug 4, 2019 @ 17:44

    I reply rarely Sir, Thank you for breathing Life back into that old chest. Once, upon a time it held tonka trucks, Thomas the tank engine and all his friends ,books and fire engines ! It brings Me JOY every time I see it. Thank you for all you do for me Your Curvey and Our Family ❤️^^

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