When Motivation Starts to Slip

We’ve all been there.  Fired up, motivated as hell, pursuing your goals with all you’ve got.  Then the inevitable.  You wake up one more and the intensity has dropped a bit.  You start doing the things that had been making you successful.  Yet…

Things aren’t quite clicking like they had been.  You start to question your actions.  You over-examine the gained results.  Are they good enough?  Have I done enough?

Doubts creep in.

It’s happened to us all.  It will happen again.  How do we stop what can become an all-out skid backwards?

Regroup when you feel it.  Sit down and write out your progress so far.  When you started your plan, you likely broke it down in smaller, measurable pieces.  Pat yourself on the back for a minute based on what you’ve accomplished so far.

Take the rest of that day and visualize where you want to end up.  Burn that into your synapses.

It also helps if you’ve got someone you’ve asked to hold you accountable.  Hopefully, that man is on a similar track.  There are plenty of like-minded men in various on-line groups as well as men you converse with most likely on social media.  It’s time to reach out to that man.

Plan out your next day and how you’ll get back on track.

Dad used to say after I had a bump in my road…

“Do the next right thing, son.”.

Many of us end up two steps forward and one step back.  It happens.  But we still move forward.  The one to avoid is the opposite:  one step forward and two steps back.

Just commit to yourself that when you hit that bump, you will refuse to simply give up.  Giving up leads to regrets.  Do it a lot and your life becomes one series regrets followed by many more regrets.  It’s a shit way to live.  It’s actually a slow death.

Don’t let this happen.  I simply want to encourage you to dig deep and reach out to someone.  Reach out to me.  I’m happy to talk.  Don’t lose all the progress you’ve made.

If it was easy, everyone would do it.

Never give up.  Never surrender.  Do the next right thing.


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