“Rise and Shine,” my Mom used to say these words in her lilting manner, just about every morning.  Dad would often follow up with a John Wayne quote from the movie, The Cowboys, with his favorite line, “We’re burnin’ daylight!”

My kids really hated these phrases.  We all swear we won’t be our parents, but inevitably as we go to raise our children, we quickly default to things from our own youth.

Some kids launch out of bed every morning and some must be dragged out like a cat on its way to a bath.

For some, they grow out of it and start to greet the day or they become an adult that dreads every morning.  Which are you?


These days, I’m an early riser.  I rarely set an alarm clock any longer.  Part of me thinks that might be an age-related issue.  But I know plenty of folks my age that can’t get out of bed.

I think it has more to do with being aligned, my body-mind-spirit trifecta.  Because of this, I’m just flat out happier these last few years.

We got our marriage back on solid ground several years back.  Seems like just yesterday.  As a result, our sex is frequent, passionate and rewarding.

I listened to a podcast yesterday by Rollo Tommasi and Pat Campbell on sexless marriage.  It was a good hour.

One of the key points had to do with how “sex is the glue that holds marriages together”.  That gave me pause to think.  They are quite correct.

So that’s working well for us these days.  My job is rewarding as hell too.  That’s another part of my good mood in the AM.


I’m part of a group of like minded men that are on paths of improvement and helping each other out.  The Fraternity of Excellence is one group I belong to.  I also converse regularly with the other speakers from this year’s 21 Convention.  This is classic Iron Sharpening Iron.  That feeling of belonging leads to immense satisfaction with these friendships.

For the first time in many years, I have a clearly defined Mission.  This is crucial to any man’s happiness.

Waking up is so much easier because of all this.  Bouncing out of bed for a cup of coffee and letting the dog out is now an event I look forward to.


I’ve said this a few times here, but Time is a dwindling resource for all of us.  Sleeping one’s life away is sad.  Getting a solid 7-8 sleep is healthy and necessary.  But more than that, sure seems a waste to me.  Now this dwindling time concept rears its unavoidable head as we get older.  Definitely age-related.

If you are younger, recognize your sleep patterns.  Analyze why you do what you do.  Figure out what makes you happy.  What do you look forward to?  What makes you feel alive?

Go pursue that.  Don’t wait until you’re 50 to try and hopefully thru some blind ass luck, find yourself.

Do it now.  Don’t wait.  Future you will say thanks.

Like The Duke said, “Hurry up, we’re burnin’ daylight!”