The Little Within

One of the coolest parts about our finding our D/s selves has been the inner discovery of all my girl’s many flavors.   People seem to want to give others one label and force them into that one box.   

Looking at these different flavors has been really enlightening    Much past behavior now makes much more sense.

One of those pieces of who she is would be the term “Little”.   Some submissives identify with a period of their youth and fall back into that mindset often   For us, she seems to be in that 12-16 yo mindset.

She looks at the world with an innocence I have come to love.   Others have made fun of her for some of these behaviors but I do not.  She keeps me laughing and I love it.

One of her favorite past times is to color.    I had no idea that Adult Coloring was such a big thing.   Search the net for Adult Coloring Books   You’ll see a ton of them

Why am I bringing this up?  Well we have three grandsons that live out of state.   I feel we are too young to have three grandsons but that’s my own hang up.

Anyone that has kids or grandkids out of state knows you only get to see them a handful of times during the year.  Maybe not even once for some.   So how do you start connected?    It’s tough.

Curvey has come up with a coloring contest.  She picks a subject and off everyone goes to color their best picture   We then vote on them and the winner gets a prize.

Thw entire family participate   Uncle   Grandfather, Mom, etc.  This month it is a witch and a pumpkin.

It’s refreshing to see how she connects with the kids when we are around.   I admire her efforts to keep us all involved in their lives all year long.

Some in the kink world make fun of any submissive that identifies as a little.   Like they are beneath or inferior.  I disagree. It’s just part of who she is.   And it keeps things fun.

I could not find my sunglasses the other day.  She had put them on a hedgehog Halloween decoration.   I’d walked right by it six times.

Unpredictability keeps things fresh.   And Littles are very unpredictable.  Embrace all her flavors.  They are a gift.


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  • SteelJanz Oct 29, 2018 @ 18:50

    I vote for #5
    That is a bold signature.

    • Sir Tex Oct 29, 2018 @ 19:12

      Ha! He’s is the boldest of the group

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