The Courage to Stand Alone

There are always times where a man will have a huge decision to make.  Be quiet and keep the static peace.  Or, speak his mind and risk alienation.

Which one allows you to look in the mirror and like the man you see looking back?

These are turbulent times.  The powers that be want to divide us.  They want us to all get in line and march the same march.  We are being led along like cattle to the slaughter.

This transcends race, it transcends politics, it transcends religion.

If you look at race, we all bleed red last time I checked.  Yet, media will hype up racial hatreds and crimes.  If you take the time to sit down and talk to a man of another race, I’m betting you have way more in common than you would think.

Same with politics.  We all want the same thing.  A government that protects our way of life, free speech, an environment where we can work and provide for our families.  Freedom to be left along and allowed to live lives of joy.

These same power brokers want us to squabble about all sorts of things.  It’s Red v. Blue.  It’s conservative v. liberal.  All these labels.

Don’t be a label.  Be you.

State what you believe clearly when you in situations that demand responses.  Sleep well at night.  It’s a simple formula.

No one is asking you to try and change someone’s mind.  That’s the trap.  All this ranting and raving will not cause any change in a cemented mind.  I’ve given up trying.  As the saying goes, “the juice isn’t worth the squeeze.”

It takes courage to stand your ground and stand by that which you believe when all the forces around you are telling you to fall in line and behave.

You will set the bar by your actions, not your words.  Living an authentic life, one full of meaningful pursuits, will cause others to want to know your secret to happiness.  Be that man others want to talk to.

When asked, have the courage to answer the truth in your heart.  Damn the Torpedos.  Full speed ahead.