Stop Apologizing

I cannot tell you how many people say “I’m sorry” to me on a daily basis. It’s an epidemic.

It’s become such a commonly uttered phrase that it’s lost all meaning.

A few years ago, I began to challenge both men and women that tell me this. I tell them to save that phrase for when you really screw up. And you will screw up.

We give away our Power when we constantly apologize for things that we had little to nothing to do with.

Waiters and waitresses are the worst. They live on tips. They have to keep the customer happy. But incessantly saying sorry doesn’t really help.

Perhaps it’s better to be proactive. Sense frustration? Nip it in the bud. Don’t make excuses. Try a little understanding phrase that let’s folks know you feel their current pain, no matter how minor you perceive it to be.

There is a lack of assertiveness these days. Men will not ask for what they want. They expect their girl to just know it. And that works both ways. I often talk about how we cannot read minds.

Stop it.  Be direct   Choose your words and use them

There are ways to acknowledge a situation without taking responsibility for an issue that is not your fault.

If you need help with assertiveness, a great book is “When I say No, I feel Guilty”.

Check it out. It will do wonders for you.

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