Men, Here is Step One…

Okay, whether you are a new Dom or just trying to fix your life, there is always a Step One.  It’s been said many times before and it’s been repeated so often for a reason.  It’s the straight up unadulterated truth.

In order for a man to lead anyone or anything, he must lead himself.  He must respect himself.  This involves a more disciplined mindset.

A man’s appearance is his calling card.  Having a sense of style is important, but having a fit body to put those clothes on is essential.

“Tex, she loves me just the way I am.”  We will assume she does.  But the image you portray is sloppy and lazy and un-disciplined.

How can I be her Master if I’m not even the Master of myself?

A huge consideration is sexual stamina.  There is no more powerful feeling than to pick your girl up and toss her around the bed.  Or to pick her up in your arms and passionately bang her up against a wall.  Women love it.  Trust me on this.

Your girl might say, “I don’t really like all that muscle stuff.”  And then a few months later when she’s rubbing your biceps or pecs, you’ll know she was just trying to make you feel good.  Girls dig it.  It’s part of the human physical attraction chemistry.

Your girl wants to feel protected.  If you can’t handle yourself in an altercation, she knows it.  Fix that crap immediately.  You don’t have to be 6’4″ 225.  You just need to learn a few things.  BJJ or Krav Maga… anything.

So, step one.  Get into shape.  That doesn’t mean you have to  join a gym (although building muscle is fantastic for your long term health).  Even a good set of dumbbells and a pull up bar (or resistance bands) is a great way to start.  Low cost garage solution.

BUT…. getting in shape begins in the KITCHEN.  Have the discipline to say no to your weak food impulses.  Stop drinking your calories.  Need a great book to start?  I highly recommend  “Deep Nutrition”.

Your girl, your friends, your co-workers and your family will all notice your physical improvements.  The respect you feel  for yourself will bleed over onto everyone you come into contact with.  As you feel better about your appearance, it radiates over into your attitude and your own self-image.  It continues to build upon itself.

Step One begins in the kitchen.

Wanna give that girl tingles?  This is how you’ll get there the fastest.

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