Being in the Flow

Some call it Flow, some call it Living in Alignment, some call it Being in Sync.   I don’t care what you call it, but once you hit it, you never want to give it up.  This is one of those areas where body, mind and spirit align.

Getting your body in tune is key, I keep saying.  I’m not a doctor, but here goes…

Feeling good when you wake up is where I like to start.  That requires me getting a decent night’s sleep.

Ask yourself, am I tired when I awake?  If so, perhaps you need to go to bed earlier.  Do people tell you that you snore relentlessly?   Perhaps you have sleep apnea and you are waking up many times a night.  Perhaps not fully awake, but the body wakes up.  Over and over again.  You never get into that deep sleep your body craves.

There are so many negative health implications to sleep apnea, the biggest of which is death.  You can search the internet for more on this if you wish.

I will just say again if people tell you that you snore a lot and you wake up tired a lot, go get a sleep study.

Shedding some pounds will give you more energy.  Cardio builds lung capacity.  Working out with weights builds muscle and helps you shed more weight.  Win.  Feel better?  Even more of a win.


Dad told me years ago that if I’d stop taking my brain out and playing with it, I might get somewhere in life.  Dad, if you’re looking down, I got this.

Working out also releases endorphin brain “feel-good” chemicals.  Getting your mind congruent with your morals and values, living free in your actions such that your mind never second guesses where you are headed.  That’s where the mind can thrive and work on the really important stuff.   If you’re living in fear or worry or misery, your mind is busy dealing with all that mess.   Take a load off!

Getting mentally disciplined goes a long way in life.  Delayed gratification is such a big deal.  In today’s society, it’s pretty much instant gratification everywhere you look.  Avoid.  Work for something and then enjoy how you got there.  Cross the finish line knowing you earned it.

This crosses over into Spirit as well.  You don’t have to be religious.  Many people I know simply abhor organized religion.  But being Spiritual is an entirely different thing.  Getting in tune with nature, getting in tune with the energy from other humans, just listening to your quiet mind and feeling the cues given.  We are spiritual beings.  Toss in some meditation with some binaural beats in your headphones.  Listen to the inner voice.   We all have one.

So when you start to line all this stuff up, it’s like an addiction.  You simply want more.  However, in the case of addictions, it takes more and more of the substance to get you the same state.  What I’m personally feeling now is that each day that goes by, this just gets better.  For me, this is a really hard feeling to express in words.

Everything is just working.  Working very well.  I’m having my best year ever at work.  My girl and I are on an amazing journey that has such a bright future, I’m stunned at times.  My associations with other like-minded men are driving my mission forward.  Momentum is building for an incredible 2019.  I just feel it.

Like I said, it’s hard to put into words.  Don’t wait to make a New Year’s Resolution for personal change.  Start getting into alignment now.


Don’t wait.

Feeling Amazing belongs to You.

Go seize it.

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