The 21 Conference 2018 Blew Me Away…

We just got back from Orlando from #21Con, the 21 Convention.  I am jotting down here what it felt like to attend such a gathering, skipping over my Batman Origin Story. (one of my favorite lines of the weekend via Rian Stone)  You can read that story HERE.

The four days were loaded with  intense discussions and varied topics.  There was definitely something to appeal to any man of any relationship status.  The event has evolved over the last 11 years into something really powerful.  It went from its PUA beginnings to being the premier Red Pill event in the world.

Each speaker had something to say and the messages were on point.  Each attendee had something valuable to add.

Some of the best parts, were the conversations during breaks and at meals.  Interacting with so many men from all over the world, all ages, was a breath of fresh air. Powerful friendships were forged.  We broke thru the digital world into the here and now.

I truly believe many men headed back to the airport or their cars on Monday feeling their own alignment.

I had started to lose faith in the younger generation with all the parachute parents and the societal neutering of all things masculine.  Interacting on Twitter the last year or so, and now at 21C, has renewed my faith..  I’m very excited about where we are headed as a tribe.

I witnessed fires being lit inside the men all around me.  I felt the camaraderie all masculine men live their lives hoping to experience.  I felt the rush of new ideas finding homes in eager minds.  I felt the storm that is building.

I walked away with a feeling that I belong to something much greater than I thought existed in the online Manosphere.  I pray to God all those men created a plan of action after leaving yesterday.

I’ve been to a lot of conferences, meetings and trade shows over the years.  21 Studios put on an event that as good as any I’ve attended.  The production aspects, the logistics, the execution were award winning in every aspect.

Dream has really done it . He’s pulled it all together. A Force of unwavering will.  I am grateful to have witnessed it firsthand.

The 21 Conference is only going to get bigger and better every year.  I hope you can attend next year as we continue to own the 21st Century.


  1. I never dreamed of this Life we are making , building one day at a time. I can’t tell you how many woman PM this week seeking a different way # 1 question How do I get my husband to be more Dominent ? Can a tiger change his stripes ?


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