Timeless 57

I turned 57 recently. I asked myself if I was to die today, what advice would I wish to leave behind for my son and grandsons. So, coffee in hand, dog snoring on the sofa, I begin…

1. Life has always had a Natural Order, embrace it.  The world will continue to survive long after you.

2. Tell people no. Be your own man.

3. Saving for retirement is great but enjoy today. You might not be here tomorrow. Life is shorter than we think.

4. Call your Mom and Dad and say hello. They will die sooner than you want. No regrets.

5. Take care of the skin on your face. When you’re 57, you’d rather look 40 than 70.

6. Take risks. Even when you fail, you have fewer regrets.

7. Take a kid fishing every chance you get. The best conversations by far.

8. Love your woman but don’t worship her. She will come to despise you.

9. Learn when to get out of a situation. Be it work, relationship, confrontation… Letting it drag out is misery you don’t need.

10. Dogs are the only truly faithful friends you’ll ever have. Your male friends will stab you in the back if they think it will get them laid.

11. Always throw ropes to drowning men. But realize they have to pull themselves out.  Don’t let them pull you in.

12. Learn to play a musical instrument. An entire new world will open before you.

13. Most drugs make you lazy and sap all motivation. Beware for those reasons alone. You’ll waste years.

14. Your wife is the most mature teenager in your house. It’s how she’s wired. And it’s okay. Adjust your expectations. (See 1)

15. Maintaining your frame in all situations is your one true superpower.

16. Drinking is fun at times but can easily suck you in and devastate all you touch and feel.

17. Don’t stay in a bad marriage. Try to fix it if you wish. But both parties have to want to fix it. If either has checked out, move on.

18. Don’t shake a whore tree and expect a housewife to fall out.

19. Your kids will never listen to your orders/advice as closely as they watch your actions.

20. Don’t spike the football until you’ve crossed the goal line. Delayed gratification is key to enjoying life.

21. How you treat those who can do you absolutely no good tells me all I need to know about you. What you do when no one is looking is what defines your character.

22. Intermittent fasting one day a week will help strengthen your mind and heal your body on a cellular level.  Need to lose weight?  Do it three times a week for a while.

23.  Date someone in your own generation.  When you’re 80 and she’s 55, the idea of wiping your butt while you’re bed ridden won’t be so romantic to her.  Grow old together.

24. Being in good physical shape will set you above 90% of men around you. It projects discipline and strength. Sorely missed qualities in today’s society.

25. Be a kind to those you meet. We all have a story that you can learn from. Even the strongest man should listen to learn.

26. Don’t be afraid to tell your girl no.

27. Stop searching so hard for a good woman. Be a man worth finding. Work your mission.  The woman is there to compliment your mission in life. She can’t be your mission. It will only cause her great discomfort.

28.  Don’t mourn the dead.  Celebrate the time you spent with them.  They will always live on in your memory.

28. Forgiveness is essential but never forget. History repeats itself. Always.

29. The minute a woman decides she’s going to “change you”, head for the nearest exit.

30. Don’t kill anything you’re not going to eat.

31. You’ve been lied to about most everything in life by those that want to keep you in line. Once you gain awareness, you will deny it. It will make you angry. Then, as you witness it daily, you will come to accept the truth and thrive in your newly discovered world.

32. Have your hormones checked early in life. Endocrine disrupting chemicals are everywhere these days. Proper hormone levels help avoid disease, depression and unnecessary medications.

33. There is true evil in this world. Don’t run scared. Hunt it down when it’s coming after you. Learn to navigate shark infested waters.

34. Protein and fats are good for you. Seed oils and processed food are bad.  When you shop at the grocery, people in good physical shape spend more time around the perimeter of the store. Sick and fat people shop in the middle. Learn that lesson.

35.  Dominance in regards to your girl and  your relationship is pleasing to you both.  Being Domineering just makes you an asshole we all hate.  Know the difference.

36. Sexual orientations of some may disgust you. That’s okay. It doesn’t justify violence. But, you don’t have to bend a knee to it either.

37. Never put yourself in a one-on-one private situation with a woman at work. It’ll be her word against yours one day. Make sure the door is always wide open.  Watch your six.

38. The grass looks greener on the other side because there’s more bullshit fertilizer at work.

39. A woman who does little small things for her man thrives when he recognizes the least of her efforts. Praise her often, watch her blossom.

40. As a man, make decisions and run with them. Too much time in analysis and life’s opportunities will pass you by.

41. Don’t put up with shitty friends. They will suck you dry.

42. Don’t accept anyone saying you are not smart. Read, read and read some more.

43. It’s okay to be rough in the bedroom. Women are not as fragile as society wants you to believe. She wants to feel your power as you take her fully.  (Safe. Sane. Consensual. Always.)

44. Learn to communicate with your girl. We can’t read minds. She will always have the answers to what’s going on in her head if you just ask the right questions and listen.  How can you lead her if you don’t know what she’s really feeling and thinking?

45. Marriage is still the best system for raising kids. Choose your girl wisely. Leopards don’t change their spots. (See 18)

46. If she spends more time dressing sexier for “girls’ night out” than for dates with you, you’ve likely got a problem.

47. Stop apologizing all the damn time. It weakens you; it steals your power.

48. Most women have a submissive core that the right man can access. Once you’ve had a submissive woman in your life, you’ll never settle for anything else.  Submissive does not equal doormat.

49. Equality of the sexes kills the spark of sexual attractiveness. We are not equal. Celebrate that. Polarity is a good thing.

50. When the ship is sinking, there are never any feminists on board.

51. Learn to spot irony in life. Step out of your head and watch the world around you. You’ll become a great conversationalist.

52. Let your children fail. It’s the only way they will make it when you’re gone. It’s part of family leadership.

53. Do your best as a parent but realize, if your adult kid is a screw up, you gave them the best tools you had to offer. It’s now on them.  They didn’t arrive with an owner’s manual.

54. It’s nice to own a big house and fancy car, but if you are struggling to pay for it all every month, downsize immediately.  Live within your means.  Paying other people financial interest only makes them richer. Keep your money in your pocket.

55.  Chart your own course, travel, discover, see the world.  Do it now. Don’t wait.

56. It’s okay to be successful. If you feel you have to apologize to those around you, you need new friends.

57. Find the beauty, love and joy that is all around you. Ugliness, pain and hate are blinders. Take them off and live a life worth living.

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  • rugby11 Aug 18, 2018 @ 8:41

    28 has been a struggle

    • Sir Tex Aug 18, 2018 @ 9:24

      You gotta let that shit go man. It only leads to depression. Ask yourself, what would they want you to do? The answer would be “remember the good and go live your life!”

  • alphaandkat Aug 18, 2018 @ 11:10

    Sound advice. Good post. — AJT

  • BR Aug 18, 2018 @ 11:20

    Excellent list.
    4. Added brothers to that.
    47. Should be pounded into every mans head.

  • Ashley Lee (Honey) Aug 27, 2018 @ 16:32

    WOW I love these, actually Lee and I both do. Great Post

  • Princesse Crowned Sep 6, 2018 @ 18:45

    #4 and #55 are the absolute truth.

    • Sir Tex Sep 6, 2018 @ 18:57

      Thank you. I think they are all absolute truth. I do appreciate you taking the time to read them.

      • Princesse Crowned Sep 6, 2018 @ 19:12

        They are all true in various degrees, to all of us. Yet some just ring the bell, so to speak. 🙂

        Thank you for taking time to write them.

  • William Fergus Martin Oct 12, 2018 @ 13:33

    These quotes are great! If I had to pick one of them as a favorite – for today anyway. It would be:
    8. Love your woman but don’t worship her. She will come to despise you.

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