A Message of Hope

I spend far too much time online, especially within the Fraternity of Excellence and on Twitter.  I recognize it for what it is, but beyond the time spent with Curvey, my time on-line is rewarding.  I tweeted out a thread last night and I’ve never gotten such positive response from any blog post or on-line interaction.  I present it for you in paragraphs.

I bring a message of hope. If I can fix my life, I promise you can too. Dig deep. Find the bravery to admit the truth of who you are; that you deserve the life you have. Spend hard hours looking into the mirror and analyze what you see. Own your shit. You’ve got this.

There is an entire community of like-minded men ready to help you when you falter. But; You have to take the first step. When you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, you’ll do something about it. Why wait? Start now.

This is the only reason I’m on Twitter. This is the only reason I write my blog. The men around me call it throwing ropes to drowning men. I see men everywhere that don’t know they are drowning. Everybody doesn’t want to be saved but so many have given up.

There were men who helped me, mentors in my life. Men who gave me breaks for reasons I cannot guess. Men who saw something in me I could not see myself. I’m sure many of you have as well. We owe it to them to pay it forward now.

Character is what you do when no one is looking. How we treat those that can not help us in any way is how we will be judged. Throwing ropes to drowning men must be important because those men are important. You are important. Reach out, grab hold, pull yourself up.

In less than 14 hours, this initial post, which I now see as my Mission Statement perhaps, garnered over 13,000 views with multiple retweets, likes and whatnot.   (Edit:  at 30 hours, it’s 23,000 views.)  Why is that?

Because men and women are lost and drowning and so many resonate with this message.

I make zero dollars thru anything I post, write, blog…  In fact, all this costs me money which I’m thankful to be able to easily afford.   And, my girl does the same thing on her submissive sisterhood website.   We both believe in giving back.

This is the mission.  I choose to share this with you in hopes you will be motivated to reach out and help those around you.  They might not want help and you can only set a positive example for how life can be.  But do it anyway;  look for opportunities to toss ropes.

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  • CurveyCatsub Jun 9, 2018 @ 16:39

    Dear Sir,

    Yes ! It can be scarey because many are in it to make money ? they don’t even live it … it’s all for show. Love , Your girl ^^

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