Responding to Compliments

I hear this daily and thought it deserved a brief few paragraphs (mostly to get this off my chest).

We live in an age of false modesty.  We live in this age of “equality”.  No one is supposed to be better than anyone else.

How do you respond to compliments or a simple “thank you”?

Most these days miss the obvious and most meaningful responses.  Saying “you’re welcome” or “happy to help” when someone says “Thank You” is so easy.

Or when you are given a compliment, a simple thank you is incredibly on-point and acknowledges the other person sincerely.   Acceptance of a compliment bestows a bit of honor back to the other person.  You are validating their feelings and it shows respect.

The other responses just irk me, the false modesty… the subtle deflection…  just shut the hell up and reply with an appropriate short and simple tip of the cap, looking them squarely  in the eye.

In our D/s relationship, her expected response is “Thank you, Sir”.  My Curvey has had to work on acceptance of compliments too.  Now she shines when I tell her how much I appreciate any and all of her efforts or how particularly gorgeous she is today.

Respect and thanks are being shown.  Give it back in full.  You will make their day just like they made yours.

And try to believe the compliment please. Let it build you up.  Don’t spend all afternoon running thru a list in your head as to how they were wrong.  Embrace it.  You really are that awesome.

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