When Curvey introduced herself to some folks at the Pool Saturday, she said, “I’m Curvey, I belong to Tex.”  These are people I had already met.  It’s an innocent enough expression;  I’m sure many married couples have said over the years.

The reply made me chuckle… “You don’t belong to anyone.”

She laughs and points to her “choker”.  My response, anytime this type thing comes up, “I take excellent care of my possessions.”

Many would never be able to wrap their heads around our relationship.  She wants to be my possession.  She knows the lengths I go to maintain all within my grasp.  This is not as strict taskmaster.  Many submissives thrive on orders, tasks and punishments.

This is not us.

When you truly own something in life, it becomes a part of your existence.  You want to keep it working in top condition.  Motorcycles, cars and boats come to mind with most men.   Or houses, yards and tools.  Many work harder to grow their business than their girl.

But to have a human being be so much a responsibility makes a Dom think about each and every action and word.  This stuff is easy when we are all healthy and happy, prosperity tends to make one complacent.

But toss in some medical issues or family issues and now we have found it’s time to buckle down and focus on basics.

Yes, she belongs to me.  She is my greatest possession and my most important responsibility.  In this way, I feed her that which she craves.   We laugh about the descriptor “Trophy Wife”, but she is one.

She feeds me in ways that are both overt and subtle.  Most men will not understand this.  Most relationships are power struggles between two “Me First” couples, destined to end badly.

So, if you are not doing so, perhaps give this a try.  Sure, it will be tough to do these things when she’s still being a bitch.  And you don’t have to try, you can always bail out.

But when you get to the point where you come home from a trip and find her dressed scantily or naked and kneeling by the front door, awaiting your command, you will probably wonder why you both didn’t try this sooner.  It took us years to get here.  I wish we had figured this out in our 30’s.

Establish your roles, live them, and take excellent care of each other.  When you got married, she became yours.  How are you treating that sacred gift?

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  • naughtynora May 22, 2018 @ 7:31

    Love this?

  • Sir Tex May 22, 2018 @ 7:33

    The fun part for us down at the beach, we go by Tex and Curvey to all the vanillas we run inTo daily. Our fun. Make them wonder.

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