Book Review: 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos

There are very few things in life that I’ve run across that have latched onto my inner core of beliefs so solidly, I end up thinking it has been part of me forever.

I am often late to the party on many things in this world.  But I eventually get there, most times.  I discovered the works of Dr. Jordan B, Peterson a year back after listening to my friend Mark Baxter’s podcast with Hutton.  (They have started a new one called The Drink if you want to listen to a solid hour of two men discussing current topics.)

At the time, they called Dr. Peterson a game changer.  I paused the audio and searched this man out. After consuming a few YouTube lectures by this Canadian professor of Psychology, I was hooked.  He and I are about the same age.  No doubt my growing up in a small blue-collar Texas town wasn’t too dissimilar to his growing up on the Canadian prairie.  The times you grow up in, witnessing the turmoil of the late 60’s and 70’s, tend to help shape the man you become.

So, this man’s simple message of honest Truth, one which has been passed down for generations, first orally and then in written from, has resonated so closely to what I believe, it’s simply mind-boggling.  Dr. Peterson isn’t reinventing the wheel here.  He’s eloquently reminding many of us that wheels do in fact exist and why they are so damn useful.  To forget about these wheels, “well, that’s just not good.”  (as he would say in a wonderfully expressive voice that evokes a wee bit of Kermit the Frog).

This book, 12 Rules for Life, is a collection of these truths that will make total sense to most when they read it.  This is the first book I’ve read in years that had me seek out a highlighter pen to emphasize a passage here or there.  Before I knew it, each page had significant orange ink applied.  Then, because of Dr. Peterson’s passionate spoken words, I ended up getting the audio book version as well.  I love audio books on my long drives and when the author narrates his creation, so much the better.

Dr. Peterson’s rising popularity is stunning and in interviews, he appears the most stunned of all of us.  I’ll paraphrase but he mentions that people (mostly young men) are resonating with a message of Tell the Truth, Clean your Room, Stand Up Straight, Take Personal Responsibility for how your life is going.  That is not a message that one would think would be so popular in today’s society.  It’s like no one ever told young men any of this and they are thrilled to hear it for the first time.  I can’t decide if this is due to a lack of good parenting or simple media consumer brainwashing at earlier and earlier ages each year.

Choose your words carefully because your words are important.

Some of the Rules:  Be precise in your speech.  Tell the truth or at least don’t lie.  Don’t let your children do anything that makes you dislike them.  Set your house in order before you criticize the world.  Make friends with people that want the best for you. Treat yourself like someone you are responsible for helping.

If you wish to invest six and a half minutes to learn more about what this man is all about, take a listen to this YouTube Clip.  It’s short.  Just watch the first minute.  I bet you watch all six and a half.

I’ll leave you with this.  In my search for self improvement, there have been sources of information that have helped speed up my journey.  Dr Peterson is a man who has a great message, hitting us at the right time, a man clearly living up to his personal potential and we all get to benefit from it.  It’s a great read and one I’d recommend for everyone I know.


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  • alphaandkat Mar 7, 2018 @ 19:59

    Good post and advice. Kat actually turned me on to this guy’s videos just a couple weeks back, and I’m glad she did.

    • Sir Tex Mar 7, 2018 @ 20:02

      Yeah I’m late to the party all the time but pleased I’m onto this man’s message.

  • Tony Fine Mar 8, 2018 @ 5:24

    Excellent review, excellent book. Mine’s highlighted in yellow and now being read by family members.

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