We are who we are…

I was talking to my curveysub this afternoon and we were comparing notes on things happening in our lives, as we try to do at least 2-3 times a week if not daily (when I’m not traveling).  Some of this discussion involved our “on-line” lives.  One of my friends once told me that I’m about as transparent as anyone he’d ever met.  I think that is just who I am.  It’s too hard to keep up an act, hiding behind the curtain trying to fool everyone.  I just don’t have time.  I also don’t really care for folks like that.  It also gets me into trouble from time to time.

curvey and I write about stuff in our real lives.  Her perspective I always find fascinating.  She’s a girly girl and views the world in emotions and colors and beautiful things.  I see a lot of facts and figures and some beauty poking out thru the harsh rocks and stones along life’s path.  That’s a good thing.  We bring balance to each other.

We make mistakes and we sometimes fail.  But the people you think you know, you really do know.  Sometimes, you know too much about me (or us by default).  I believe being an authentic man in all my life’s adventures and undertakings is critical to my sanity.  There is just so much going on day to day.  To write with an ulterior motive seems soul-quenching.

We’ve come to accept that not everyone will like us.  That’s okay.  We are who we are.  Leopards don’t change their spots.  We live a bizarre life both in the bedroom and outside of it.  She will kneel on the floor at my feet on the floor at family events and serve me, be close to me.  She will greet me in public places, hands behind her back, head tilted down slightly… submissive.

She does all the little things for me that rock my world.  We try to hide our D/s kinky sides from the vanilla folks.  But I know my brother in laws sit there and wonder how did I get to deserve to have special treatment while their wives just gossip on the other side of the house, ignoring their empty cups.

To get special treatment, you have to give special treatment.  

We have to feed each other in the ways the other needs most.  I think that’s been the key to all of this.  One person cannot do all the work while the other lays there on the couch waiting for the next blow job.   I’ve said before but when only one partner is putting out the effort, disaster is brewing.

So, take care of your girl like she’s your greatest treasure.  As such, she will shine. She will glow.  She will sparkle.  It will inspire some to try to rise to your standard and it can also incite jealousy in friends and family.

We are who we are.  We are not perfect but we are trying to improve daily in all that we do and especially in how we treat each other.

I was going to say, “it never ends”.  And I am right.  The effort should never end.  But as I alluded to in my last blog, one day it will end for all of us.  Make your time together count for something.  Be yourselves.  Make it fun.  Live your lives for you.  The rest of the world will just have to catch up.

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  • Curveycatsub Feb 26, 2018 @ 12:19

    Dear Sir,

    This warms my heart and heats my panties ❤️ Yay, for us ! We both wanted this magic, embrace it everyday. It is so freeing to just be us, letting go of what others think and letting go/ forgiveing those who talked trash and tried their best to de-rail us ! Our DsMarriage,Love stands strong, we do truly live it. It’s so much more than sex … I will continue to share with others because, All deserve to Live Happily Ever After !

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