Frank’s Frame

I met Frank about 15 years ago.  Frank was a gas monkey at one of the last full service gas stations.  He always was dressed for the part.  Stripped logo shirt and bow tie.   And an infectious bubbling attitude.   His frame was always the same. Not one thing seemed to ever get in Frank’s way of delivering the best customer experience possible.

When old man Leon passed away 7 years ago, Frank moved inside and became the main counterman, face of the business, making sure that he understood what you needed done and then explaining what was done when you came back in.

Frank makes people feel welcome.   He makes people smile.  He makes people feel good.    Old Leon’s sons still run the place but they were smart enough to have Frank do what they could never do.

They remain a wildly successful gas station auto mechanic shop in my little town.  50% of that is Frank.

So why would I even take time to introduce you to Frank?   Because in a world where we all walk around grumpy and obsessed with our own troubles, Frank remains unshakable in his positive frame   You can disarm the world with a bit of a smile or a smirk.   You become approachable   People want to be around you

The scowlers and grumpy old bastards we all wish to avoid.   This sort of behavior carries over to our home too.  Your family picks up on it immediately.  Your kids will not want to disturb you, worried they will set you off.  Your girl will walk around on egg shells trying to decide to ask you what is wrong or just to leave you alone.

Being pleasant can sometimes be a difficult task, especially with certain people.  Or you truly are burdened with a huge weight.   Those in your charge live under your roof in a physical sense as well as an emotional one.  You set the frame all others fall under.

Your girl might be in a terrible mood but you can’t afford to let that affect yours.   It’s easy to say, tough to pull off at times.  It’s worth working on.  You can spiral downwards together or you can maintain and she will recover more quickly.

We choose to lead our families.  We live for the responsibility.  It helps define our mission, our purpose.  I’m suggesting that you examine how you lead them emotionally as well.

Set a positive frame daily and all around will flock to your side.  It starts with a little smile.



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