The Lost Boys

My son and I were talking the other day about life.  We started reminiscing, well as much as a 27 year old young man can, on some of his friends growing up.  We talked about many of them.  Most of them struggling mightily.

He hit me with a statement that has haunted me.

“Dad, we are the generation of  Lost Boys.”

Damn.  He’s right.  So many not having a clue.  Anyone that has read much of my blog knows that I am in a personal war with the status quo our society finds itself in.  This generation of young men grew up in some rather weird post 9/11 years.  Lots of crazy stuff happening in the world that was just normal to them.

The internet is normal to them.  Video games are normal to them.  Easily accessible hardcore porn is readily available to them 24/7.  Many of these lads did not have strong fathers.  While I like to consider myself to have been a good dad, I certainly wasn’t setting as good an example to my kids that I am now setting to them and my grandsons.

I was Peter Griffin, Family Guy.  I have the photo to prove it.  Letting my girl walk over me, not showing me respect, me not being worthy of respect, getting drunk a lot, wallowing around in my own self-induced pity and misery.  Just waiting to die.

So, yet again, I digress.  Now, the Lost Boys.

How do we help them?  How do we get to them at all?  How do we break into their world of pot, booze and porn and toss them a rope?

That is why I’m so behind the 31 Days to Masculinity program that Hunter The Family Alpha came up with.  208 Men are currently participating in the 31DtM’s December of Discipline program.  I promised not to elaborate on the program details while it’s running.  I am simply reporting that I’m interacting with many of these Lost Boys.  We are reaching them now.  Today.  As I type this.  Not only that, we are doing it during December, the most difficult month most of us have to enact personal discipline.

The plan is working, folks.  Men are already dealing with inner demons, getting stronger mentally and physically, finding out who the hell they are in the first place.  And, working hard to become the men they want to be.

I’m on fire to help any way I can.  In fact, they are helping me more.  It’s an upward spiral I find myself in with 207 other Warriors.  God Speed, Men.  28 days left.

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  • naughtynora Dec 3, 2017 @ 12:52

    As a professor, I work with a lot of 18/19 year old men and I have seen the decline of masculinity over the years. It saddens me that they don’t know any different.

  • Justin Dec 3, 2017 @ 16:27

    I work with the military, and I watch year by year as the masculinity fades. Not just the GI’s, but policy and everything else. I think the Lost Boy Generation is the perfect analogy. Unfortunately there are hardly any good examples for these young men to look up to in the ranks now. So we shall do what we can, and hopefully reach a couple here and there to break the cycle.

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