Complacency Kills

We initiated our D/s protocols a few years ago.  Or I should say, we started living our true selves.  The results have overall been spectacular.  But like any real life relationship, we suffer from the natural ebbs, trying to stay in the period of flows.  

Do I blame girl on any of this?  Nope.  I can shuffle blame over to life crap we have to deal with.  Garbage that has nothing to do with our relationship, just family drama, job stress, etc.  But that’s weaksauce as hell!

How I respond always sets the tone. I keep calm.  I stay within my frame and we get through quickly.  Other times not so much.

I suffer from brief moments  of occasional complacency.  Laziness?  Comfort?  We are cruising along and I think I’ve got this imaginary cruise control turned on.  I take my foot off the gas.  Our relationship truck starts to slow down ever so gently.  Not enough to really notice at first.

Then all in a sudden, we are taking a wrong turn.  One of the benefits of daily communication check-ins is I can identify these ebbs better and better now before they get to be a big deal.

Look at it from girl’s perspective:  Is he going back to his old ways?  Am I going to have to do it all by myself again?  Am I going to have to give up all this new-found happiness?  Is the King abdicating his throne?

She has legitimate causes for concern if I stop being the Dom she has grown to trust and rely upon.  She deserves all my best all the time   No days off   No slacking

I chart the course, I keep my hand on the wheel, girl riding shotgun looking sexy as hell.  It’s a smooth ride if and only if we…

“Don’t take your damn foot off the gas, Men!”

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