The Seven Deadly Sins

I am seeing a new phenomenon forming on Twitter called #UpstreamTwitter and it fascinates me.  This is coalescing effort whereby men are working at becoming more than they currently are.  The making of better Men, one Man at a time.  And yet with support by other Men around them.

If you’ve ever played a team sport, you will recognize that you have to be your best, play your part well, trust your fellow teammates, but most vital is helping all your teammates reach their potential too.

Do how do we get there?  How does a man change himself?

Here’s a basic primer, given to us by Pope Gregory in the Sixth Century… the Seven Deadly Sins.

The Seven Deadly Sin are pride, envy, gluttony, lust, wrath, greed, and sloth. ‬

Let’s look at each and how to take steps to overcome:

Pride: inflated sense of one’s accomplishments.

One must work in on being humble.  Recognize that you need others in your life.  Consider your need for God in your life or lack thereof.  Figure out a way to serve others.

Envy: Jealousy over another’s happiness.

Be thankful for all you have and especially thankful for all you don’t have. We can all be overloaded with things we heap upon ourselves.

Gluttony: To over-indulge (eating especially)

This one should be apparent.  Moderation in all things be it food or alcohol.  Exercise and take care of your body   Treat the body as a temple not as a crackhouse.

Lust: Unrestrained Sexual Craving

Guard your heart from the world of temptation.  Avoid porn at all costs.  Avoid excessive masturbation.  Save your sexual energy for your monogamous wife/LTR.

Wrath: Uncontrolled feelings of hatred or anger.

Check yourself before your respond to any situation with the exception of pending physical violence.  Deep breaths and maintaining your frame at all times   Those around you, who depend on you, will take their cues on how to react by your response.   Keep your cool.  Work on emotional stability, meaning don’t get too high or too low over any situation you encounter.

Greed: The excessive desire for material things

Be generous at all times   Declutter your possessions and give things you like to others that are less fortunate.  My girl is amazing at this.  It has taken me many years.  Old saying in the stock market, “the market rewards pigs but slaughters hogs.”  Never forget that.

Sloth: Laziness and lack of effort.

Get off your couch and go do.  It’s the weekend and a beer and football isn’t your reward for five days of work.  Even at work, don’t give half-effort.  Have a side hustle.  Better yourself, take a class, learn a new language, be interesting by doing interesting things with your life.



‪If you take each of these items out of your life, you will be truly happy.  Keep in mind, if your closest friends and family are all on this list of 7, you will set the bar high by example when you are no longer part of this list.

Many will no longer want to be your friend because of it.  You will mirror Back their own shortcomings when they look at you and they will eventually despise you for it   You will likely have to find new friends.

Its been oft said you will take on the characteristics of the five people you hang out with most often.  That’s quite true.  Seek others dedicated to improvement and living pure authentic lives.  Surround yourself with winners.

So Pope Gregory gave us the original “how to unfuck yourself” Primer.  History can be amazing if you study and allow yourself to learn from it.

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