Happiness Dominates

One of the most amazing things I’ve noticed about Curvey and I getting our act together a few years ago, happiness bleeds over into so much of our lives.

Sure we still have challenges at work or with kids or what have you.   But there are subtle bleed-thru signs presented to me.   

My performance at work has risen dramatically.  Why is that?  Well, I’m not hitting the road quite as often to get out of the house.  No trying to escape now. That includes escaping with alcohol and poor food choices.

I am finding a higher purpose keeps me motivated to study, work out, improve every aspect of my world.

My ability to interact with other humans has vastly improved.  Why?  Perhaps being a happier man, I’m more approachable?  More at peace?  At ease?  Easier to talk with?

Maybe instead of projecting my own troubles subconsciously, I’m listening more intently to others?

Just a few things to consider…

At the heart of all the positivity I am surrounding myself with, a solid relationship with a good woman I love dearly.  A sense of purpose and hope, side effects of happiness.

Happiness will Dominate all you do, bleeding through and you can’t constrain it.

There is a first step and that’s sitting down with your girl and “getting right”.  The world will become an amazing place when there is peace in your home.


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