When I mention anything to do with Gorean lifestyle, people will always ask me questions.  Some have heard of the Gorean slave positions but I mean, really?  Base your lifestyle choices on an “ancient” science fiction fantasy book series?

(Some would echo that same sentiment on basing your lifestyle on an ancient text like the Bible but I digress)

John Norman penned the first Gor novel in the late 1960’s.  It was his answer to what he saw as the coming onslaught of the Feminist Imperative.  He created a Counter-Earth that was definitely a male based society where women were celebrated as the Free companions or slaves.   Men were masculine.  Strength, courage and loyalty are all highly prized.

The protagonist is an earthman who finds himself on Gor and has to come to grips with his new land.  In the following books, we also see many others from Earth deposited onto Gor.  In other character developments, the earth women have to adapt in order to survive.

My girl and I got hooked on them after we attended a “Kinky Roundtable” discussion group one afternoon.  The subject of the day was the various different BDSM dynamics and their protocols and rituals.  It was enlightening. There was a Gorean Master and an unrelated Gorean slave on the panel.  My girl’s comments to me on the drive home were all about these two. She said it was quite romantic and asked me all sorts of questions, many I could not answer yet.  She had the bubbly excitement of a little girl tasting a new candy for the first time.

I immediately purchased the first book (which is a set up book and can be a tad slow at first).  The book arrived while I was on a trip.  I returned to find my girl halfway through it.  She is a voracious reader but never sci/fi or fantasy.  Never.

Then she quickly asks for more.  It wasn’t long after I ended up purchasing a set of the first 25 off eBay,   Norman is still writing them today.

We have both read thru many; she more than me.  We have taken some of the rituals and sexier parts of this world and apply it to ours.  It’s fits in nicely with the Dominant/submissive lifestyle we live 24/7.

She loves to serve me so this is a natural fit for her.   It’s simply another flavor of who we are becoming.  I would never refer to her as a 24/7 slave because she is not.  However she will go into slave mode when I ask and we both enjoy it greatly.  I find myself identifying more strongly as time goes by as her Master.

Goreans on this Earth seem to embrace the concepts of honor, loyalty, courage and other values this modern world makes fun of.  In the Kinky world, you can attend events but the guys seem to get very threatened if you gaze at their girl’s beauty.  On Gor, beauty is celebrated and cherished and certainly showed off by the Masters.

There is no greater feeling to know others find my shiny jewel as precious and rare as I do.  I love it.  She’s mine. I don’t share.  I take excellent care of things that belong to me.  It’s just fun. And my girl thrives on it as well.

What woman doesn’t enjoy being the object of attention?  Especially when she’s secure in her relationship and trusts her Sir will never damage his treasured gem.

If you desire some good fiction where a man’s masculinity and his girl’s polar opposite femininity are celebrated, pick one up.  But try to read the first three before moving on.  They really start to get good on book 3.  You never know what can happen.