Giving Back

I’m not sure when the pendulum starting to make it’s big swing back for me.  But it definitely has.  

I think perhaps it’s the reality that my years left on this planet are guaranteed to be less than the ones I’ve spent so far.  I spend more and more time trying to give back a bit.  Make the world a better place?  Not really.  I’ll leave that to the mega-names and their self-righteous causes.  I’m talking about one man at a time.

I’ve oft told my son, my goal in life was to be a bit better Dad than my Dad.  And I’ve told him that he should strive to be a better Dad than me when the time comes.  There has been no greater reward than guiding my son as he has grown up.  I take great pride that he is a man of character.  I hope every Dad gets to feel this one day.

I’ve spent this month diving deep into motivations and inner core principles/beliefs.  I think it’s coelescing to an innate need to help others.  Being me, the authentic me, is what is driving me hard in that direction.  If I’m not real in every aspect of my life, it’s too easy to spot.  Most will simply ignore the fake ego driven self and rightfully so.  All we truly own in our lives is our reputation.  It’s the one thing we get to keep when we die.

“Ya can’t save everybody, everybody don’t wanna be saved.”

With that in mind, I pick my battles.  I have been as lost as the next man.  I have fallen into quicksand.  I have crawled out.  I have lost blood.  I have the scars.  Along the way, I figured out a few things.  Trying my best to not let history repeat itself.  Giving back where I can is what it’s all about these days.  I do it because it makes me feel useful still.  I have a great life these days.  I am blessed with a wonderful submissive beauty to share the long and winding road.  I own it all, successes and failures.

My friend says if a man is in a hole, toss him a rope and help pull him out.  Not all men want the rope or will grab it.  Some can’t see it.  But others have a chance.  There are plenty of folks out there who were simply born to die.  We all die, but we don’t all live.  Make it count.

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  • CurveyCatsub Oct 25, 2017 @ 18:02

    Dear Sir,

    CHEERS to giving back ! Living as a TRUE 24/7 submissive my greatest Give Back is to share my submissive journey with those who SEEK a different way. There are so many unhappy Married women that don’t even know why they are so Un-Happy. We did what the World told us too …we went to school, have a career, take care of the castle but, have NOTHING LEFT at the end of the day to give to our husbands. Cause we are exhausted and have a headache !
    Sex …is a forgotten desire and we curse our naked bodies because, they don’t look like all the pictures on TV and magazines.

    My Give Back is to Women that might be seeking a different way … The Circle of submissives that contribute on the site make it possible. I am Honored to call them my subSisters.


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