Leaving Your Legacy

Your personal history is filled with the adventures of your forefathers. My sister traced our family tree all the way back to Ireland 1300’s.

I’ve never been one to get into genealogy.  Happy, though, someone wanted to do it for me.  

Highlights if you will indulge me:

  • Hit US soil late 1600’s
  • Settled in Virginia, accumulated wealth (and slaves as well)
  • Huge families, staggering amounts of kids. It’s what you did I guess if you wanted to survive and grow a country.  Many kids died young throughout the years.
  • Farmers and ranchers, men who worked hard and with the land.
  • One great grandfather died in the Alamo. We were helping settle Texas back when it was still Mexico. I guess I’m a Mexican.  Can’t wait for the next census.
  • My great grandfather was a Texas Ranger on the Mexican border chasing Pancho Villa. My grandmother told me how he was gunned down in the street in front of her while she hid under the wood porch steps.  He is in the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame.
  • My grandfather was a tank machine gunner in Patton’s army in World War II.  He came back with PTSD but they called it shellshocked. After a year, those men were expected to be over it. Not all got over it. He was a commercial fisherman and one of the toughest hombres I’ve ever met.  I thought the man was John Wayne when I was a kid.

There is so much there for me to look back on with pride.  Family pride.  They did some seriously manly shit.  Heroism, bravery, sacrifice.

When I am working on my inner warrior, I know blood of those men runs in my veins. I know it’s in my DNA.  I know that no task is too tough.

My forefathers would have laughed at what I considered “trouble” a few years back.

Why humble brag all this stuff?

What legacy will you leave?  Is your son going to tap into your strength when he needs it one day?  Are they going to tell  tall tales when you are gone, toasting your memory with a fine ale, proud of all you did?

If you can’t answer this, do something about it. I implore you. You are your family’s leader.  Leaders do the tough things. They don’t roll over when it gets hard.  Your family is counting on you.

Leave a Legacy your kids will write about one day.  (And now you know why I go by the name Tex.)

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