There is a point in every in every journey where you’ve gone beyond the Point of No Return. (Except that time we were driving to Colorado and we forgot curvey’s clothes!)

In this case, I’m speaking about marriage and LTR’s.  And the “back” is how we used to be.  For some, going back would revisit having great sex, trips to the beach, eating lunch in a little hole in the wall laughing at each other’s silliness while downing tequila… the fondly remembered Good Times.

Yet the current Bad Times are so freaking bad you simply can’t breathe any longer.  One person is trying while the other is just apathetic. Or both are too lazy, waiting for the other to pull the plug.  There is only one way out and you both are relieved when finally one brings up divorce.  No turning back. Can’t get there.

But if that same couple manages to break free of the Bad Times, change the way they treat each other, truly overcome, then we’re back into the Good Times again.  I’m not talking normal ebbs and flows that all unions experience.  Those are day to day or week to week.

But in those short term ebbs, you look at each other and know, there’s no going back to the Bad Times.  We both refuse to live like that ever again.  Therefore, you both realize you have to put a bit more effort in.  We won’t be miserable again, we simply won’t be together.

I believe that makes us both try harder. We’ve worked too damn hard to get here.  We deserve the lives we made.