No Man Left Behind

There is a movement right now to bring Masculinity back in a society that has drifted into confusion on what makes a man.   Men have been lost. Rudderless.  Many men are making changes. We were unhappy with our lives, our relationships, our family and our future.

In the last 40 years, we’ve been bombarded by emasculating media advertisements, television shows and movies.  Couple that with the fact that Men’s testosterone levels are at an all time low.   What do you get?  Gender neutral asexual society.  If that’s your kink, God bless you.  Enjoy.  For the rest of the 98%, we are making some changes.

So many men are working on becoming the leaders of their families again.  They were tired of being miserable, disrespected and under-fucked. They are making serious changes in their lives and are seeing impressive results.

We don’t live in a vacuum. We cannot be content in our own improvement and our own home.  I believe we have to have a mission beyond our own selves.

No Man Left Behind


How do we reach our miserable brothers?  I mean you don’t know what you don’t know, right?

Step One, live by example.  Make them wonder!

Step Two, as soon as another makes a comment on your health, your attitude, how happy you appear, how happy your girl appears… this is the opportunity to converse.  Important point, we can’t preach, huge doses of listening are called for.  If their plight parallels your past in any way, you’ve got a chance to help.  They might be plenty happy being miserable.  Many just wallow in it.  But many are ready to change.

There are plenty of great reading sources available that are dirt cheap.  I suggest if you have a book or two that helped you, give it away, buy again and give it away again.   I will be updating my site soon to reflect books that have helped me a lot.

I believe we have a duty to the future to help as many of our brothers as we can.  My curvey and I found our peace thru a D/s relationship which continues to evolve and add new flavors.  We enjoy a lot of the byproducts like bedroom kink.  That won’t be for everyone. However if a man looks into the basics of what makes a strong D/s relatiomship, he will find tools that will improve his relationship. Trust, communication, love and respect.

You do you. Figure out what works for you and your girl. But don’t neglect the men around you that are still lost and demoralized.  You can’t save everybody, everybody don’t wanna be saved.  But you have to try.

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