I am a lucky man.  I have a huge number of friends.  Probably because I’ve never met a stranger.  There are obviously varying degrees of friendship.  I believe in being the type of friend you want to have.  Surround yourself with kick ass friends.  The world will look at your friends and you all get grouped into the same label.  

Hang around with a bunch of dead beat dads, lazy slobs and cheaters and the world will believe you are one as well.  Hang around honorable, motivated men, dedicated to self improvement and you will fly right along with them to new heights.

I had a friend a few minutes ago tell me, “Man, I was going to call you but it was 2AM.”  That really hit me.  What would have happened?  Well my phone goes into ignore mode at 10 but if you call back quickly a 2nd time, it rings through.  I told him this and said call me anytime.

I will no doubt need one of you one day to answer my 2AM call.  I will repeat that dial if it rolls into voicemail.  I will wake you up.  Why?  Because I need help.  I need a friend in an important time.  I would expect the same of any of my friends.

There’s friends that you pass on the street and say hi and then there’s friends you call when the shit is hitting the fan and you’re about to drown.  If you want friends like that, you need to be a friend like that.

There’s a hurricane headed towards Texas.  Be ready, I might need some help cleaning up.  Until then, stay safe folks.  And stay dry.



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  • alphaandkat Aug 22, 2017 @ 22:40

    I don’t have the numbers, but I do have quality friends that I’ve known 20, 30, even 40 years; so I agree with you 100%.

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