I was cutting some wire shelving for a closet recently; using a good hacksaw with a long blade designed for metal.  As I made the first initial pass, the blade skipped over and cut the top of one of knuckles.  Anyone who knows me, knows that if I’m not bleeding somewhat, I’m obviously not working very hard!

I stopped briefly to get a better grip and some analysis.  I got in a hurry and was bearing down too hard in an effort to extract the results quickly.  My father’s voice came to mind, “Let the tool do the work.”  The man must have told me that at least a hundred times.

As I finished up my cuts, I worked on using all the teeth in the blade.  Letting the saw fully engage the metal.  It really took very little effort on my part other than a full, smooth and steady stroke.  And some patience.

So, my mind was wandering again, still hearing Dad laughing a bit at me (God rest his soul) and I settled on how much this was like the D/s relationship I have with my beautiful curvey.  How often have I tried to rush things?  Tried to hurry up and not use all the tools I have access to?  Not taking my time and letting the results happen when they are meant to happen?

As Dominants, we have to chart the course and set the pace.  We have to lead.  If we get in a hurry, the blade slips off and cuts the knuckles.  Talk things out fully, quick course corrections, remain steady and have the patience of Job.  We all have these tools at our disposal.

“Let the tool do the work”.