First Mate and My Mission

I was talking to some friends the other day and we were talking about a Man’s Mission in life.  That mission will change as goals are met or circumstances change. The mission is of huge importance to all men.  Most, sadly, do not recognize it being a vital cog in the happiness machine. But where does your girl fit into this?

Our First Mates needs to be a part of it somehow.  We need to allow them to assist us in reaching these goals.  One friend was saying, if you don’t give your First Mate a goal, she will eventually go find her own.  That statement gave me pause for reflection.


I can’t  speak for anyone’s dynamic save my own. My Curvey is a helper. She loves to be of service.  It’s her genetic hard-wiring. Without the ability to assist, she will become a bit lost and eventually depressed.  We talk about feeding our submissives and this is certainly one way I can go about it.

Subconsciously when we initially paired up, it was her many strengths that drew me to her.  Or more likely that sweet caboose?  Haha.  Oft said, opposites attract.  Better interpretation?  Her strengths compliment my shortcomings.  Her femininity compliments my masculinity.  If she is really good at something, why not take every advantage of that?

I can run off and go do my own thing and will get the task accomplished but I’m missing out on a vital part of the process   As a man accomplishes his mission, there is this feeling of pride and sense of self-value that grows with each success.  We want to share that success when we get home.

How much sweeter would it be if your girl could bask in the glow of that success knowing she had a part to play, no matter how large or small?  I’m just saying give her a few things to do and make sure she knows why these things are important.

I will still be me and attack life but I will do it with my girl at my side!  Thus, we will continue to strengthen the Foundation we have built.


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