Acta, Non Verba

Actions, not words.  Walk the walk, etc.

I seem to see the antithesis of this everywhere.   I love reading Manosphere topics on Twitter.  I love reading BDSM sites.  I’m quite partial to D/s subjects as well.  I see a lot of talk and very little follow through. 

I read young men telling other men how to get in shape or how to increase their net worth.  I read people giving advice everywhere.  And yet, I can tell they’ve never done it.  They are simply developing their on line personality.  They have no proven success yet.

My favorite advice is from guys not actually giving advice.  Simply relating their experiences.  It’s always the best.  They tend to be humble and they tend to self-incriminate, owning up to their failures as well as not overly glorifying their successes.

I read folks on BDSM sites doing the same thing. It’s like Fantasy Literature class.  It takes a seasoned eye to pick out the real McCoy. People can talk a great game but it’s often just rubbish. They simply are not living it   Maybe they had been but it’s hard and one of the couple isn’t into it any more.  But holy crap, it becomes glaringly obvious if you meet them in real life. Success in D/s can be fleeting.  One minute you think you’ve got it, then one person gets lazy and it’s gone again.

Then there are solid individuals that really don’t give a fuck about the advice industry.  They are going their own way, working on their relationships daily, planning their next financial opportunity which is oft best kept under wraps until successfully executed.

I’ve used the word success here a few times today. How do you spot successful people?  It will be by their actions, not their words.

Unplug, get out there and do. There is no substitute for the feeling of completing a well-executed plan.  Or the feeling you get when your sub looks at you adoringly.

Have a mission and when you complete it, find your next mission.  Men must have a mission and it can’t be their wife, girl friend or submissive.  If you make a woman your mission, you will always fail.  They are to accompany you on your journey not be sitting at the end waiting for you.

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