Preventative Maintenance

Let’s face it.  Men can excel at preventative maintenance with their machines (cars, motorcycles, boats) but often fall woefully short  many times when it comes to our own bodies.   We think we are bullet proof.  Gonna live forever.

I had flesh eating bacteria in my leg 7 years ago.  You would think that would still be fresh in my mind   Near death, almost had to have my leg amputated.   But no.  I’m bullet proof dammit!

So here I sit in a clinic about to get a tetanus shot and some antibiotics.  A small cut on my hand and several straight days fishing in the salt water have left me with a wound that now has my undivided attention.  And my wonderful girl’s attention.   She saved my life twice back 7 years ago, so now I listen to her sage advice

“Sir, that finger doesn’t look too good.  You have had a lot of cuts lately and no tetanus shot in years   I worry about you.”

Some guys would scoff, “She’s trying to tell me what to do.  I’ll show her.”

God has given my girl powerful gifts of observation.  She truly sees much which I miss.  I have come to rely on her natural abilities.   This is yet another of those times.  In my intensity to plow ahead with my mission, it’s good to have a second pair of eyes and ears to check in with.  Course corrections made quickly keep the drastic changes away.

Selective memory loss can be a blessing or a curse I suppose.  A fish this nice will make you forget about a lot of things!




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