A Deeper Connection

A deeper connection with someone.  It’s why we go out on dates, move in together, marry, have children perhaps.  And yet while we are all in the chase for the connection, we still hold back.

“Surely if she sees the real me, she would see the horrible misshapen beast I see in the miror”, one man told me.

We are all our own worst critics.  So we hold back.  Keep the hand dealt close to the vest.   Waiting for the other to show their cards first.

I knew a young man a few years ago that was seeking out a girlfriend so earnestly that he was miserable.  He had given up hope.  My advice, “instead of spending so much time looking and searching, work on being someone worth finding.”

For me, the secret to a deeper connection with my curvey was breaking down the walls we had both built to hide behind.  Laying the cards down on the table, face sides up.  I’m not saying to puke up every detail in your head.  Keep some mystery in play for the fun stuff.  She is my lover, not my roommate.  But on the really important stuff, communicate thru the barriers.

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