My Gorean Slave

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One of the fun things over the last few years are my Curvey and I exploring different flavors of D/s (Dominance/submission).

We have met several Gorean couples that live and love as M/s (Master/slave).  We were so intrigued that we started reading the series of sci/fi Gor books. We both love these books.  We love the male dominant society of this “Counter Earth”.  Females are feminine, Men are masculine and some are slaves.  Some women are “Free companions.  I won’t go into the entire book series but it’s a good read if you believe in traditional Male/Female roles.

So Curvey and I are made up of many flavors and now we are incorporating many of the Gorean traditions we’ve read about.  It’s fun, exciting and quite frankly sexy as hell!

We were moving into a new place this past weekend.  We are 28 years married.  She is my greatest treasure. I still open doors for her and protect her at all costs.    So I’m going to be the first to enter a new place, especially in the dark.  I turned around and got yet another Curvey twist.

My girl loves to rock my world with the little things that remind me of her submission.  As I entered the front door, hit the lights, looked around, I turned to take her hand and found her on her knees, her head dropped somewhat, eyes Downward, back straight, palms on her thighs, legs spread, the nadu position.


She was offering herself to me; all of herself.  She was also seeking my permission to enter our new beach getaway.  As I gazed down at her beauty of heart and soul, letting the moment linger. She was all mine.  Tonight she was my slave and I, her Master.  She trusts me completely.

A woman’s submission is often referred to as a gift freely given.  And it is.  However, Dominance to her, guiding her, protecting her, loving her are all my gifts to her as well.  It’s a two way street.  We both have to feed each other the energies that only each possesses and freely gives to the other.  It’s a circle that (hopefully) never ends.


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