Married, LTR, single it makes no difference, you’re a man & while a society says “shrink & remain silent”. I say RISE & release your fury. — Hunter Drew

I read that quote and instantly flashed to my visiting 3 year old grandson. He loves dinosaurs. Everything about them. He will go into a 2 point stance, bend slightly at the waist and throw his arms back and his head up and release the most savage dinosaur roar a young man can muster.

It is joyous unrestrained fury! He laughs when he’s done. I can see the T-Rex in him. It’s 100% male fury. It’s infectious.

He plays with his older brothers with the same fierceness. Take what is his and he will attack and release the hounds of hell on you. Do him an injustice and he will not sit idly by and wait for help. He acts.

I sat wondering how his single mom, his female-dominated school system and gender neutral society will beat this out of him.

Be a good boy.

Don’t do that!

Be nice.

Don’t fight back.

That’s the wrong way.

Sit still.

Be quiet.

Don’t get me wrong, social skills are important. Getting along with others to a certain extent is an excellent thing to learn. But crushing the spirit is the end result many times.

I saw this cartoon recently and it was a good thing for this young grandfather to remember. Embrace the imagination in your young men. Revel in their fury. Rediscover yours.