I’m Surrounded!

I’m sitting here on the coast of North Carolina enjoying the camaraderie of a bunch of guys I work with.  This week, these are high testosterone alpha male narcotics cops.   I absolutely feed off their energy:   They have accepted me into their brotherhood because what I do keeps them safe on a daily basis.

Chances are if you want to be the very best man you can be, you will understand this.  To be your very best in anything you do in this world, you best surround yourself with like minded men on the same mission:

I can’t calculate the number of times I have read this. Your character is most often determined/affected by the five people you hang out with the most.

Let that sink in.

Think about your best friends (or mates if you’re of the U.K. persuasion.).  Are they driven to excellence?  Are they honorable?  Would you testify to their character in a court of law?

You will become the five men you hang around the most.  Who are those five men?

Are they weak?  Do they cheat on their women?  Do they lie?  Do they steal?   Do you keep them around out of a sense of loyalty?  Best friends of your youth?  Do they lack ambition?  Do they settle for the mediocre?  Do you aspire to be just like them?

Have you tried to help them with little to no results?   Perhaps it’s time to jettison the jetsam.

If you want to be a kick-ass Sir, you need to surround yourself with kick-ass, like-minded Sirs.  Mediocrity cannot be personally tolerated.  Your mission in life is not to spend all your energy lifting the weak around you   Most do not want to be helped.  You cannot grow into your true higher self doing such.

This photo is of a shirt that my brothers in arms gave me today in appreciation of my efforts.  I am humbled and honored to be in the the company of kick ass motherfuckers such as these…


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