Freedom is not Free

Here in the United States, we have several major holidays that have been turned into three day weekends.   Memorial Day kicks off the Summer season, July Fourth in the middle of summer and Labor Day marking the end of summer.

These three holidays have lost a lot of meaning to many people here.  It seems to have become a three day family drunk fest   They show up to work the Tuesday after hungover and sunburned.   (And why is it the only way to endure family events is to be drunk? — another blog perhaps)

I won’t spend much time on this other than to suggest that we Remember those who gave all they had to give in order that we may run around our country with total Freedom of Speech, unlimited travel choices, stores full of food, on-line stores delivering overnight, etc.,.

So this weekend, when you’re at that Bar-B-Que, and you start to complain about the mosquito bite, think about GI Joe, covered in mud, covered in his and his buddy’s blood, physically exhausted but mentally tough, trying with every resource he had to get through the fires of hell he found himself in but will never escape, remember his sacrifice.

Freedom is not Free. Never forget.


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