A Beginning

I’m a bit surprised myself to find myself starting a blog. I’ve been a contributor on Twitter and other sites that have meant something to me.  Made a lot of great friends across the world.

But I suppose it’s time. This blog will be about Dominance and submission, guitars and amps, Gorean lifestyle, current events perhaps with a dash of BBQ, Handguns, Politics and Life on the Beach.

I suppose one should have a more defined mission statement in starting a blog but sometimes you just have to say “What the Fuck” and go for it.

I’m an ENTP if that means anything to you. It does mean to me that I grow bored and move on to other projects like other people change their underwear. Let’s see if anyone actually gives a damn.

But I write for me and what makes me happy. I cannot imagine any other reason to write. I am the DOM to my girl, curveysub; no doubt many of my thoughts will gravitate towards this wonderful 30 year relationship.  Curvey is an multifaceted gem.  She is submissive but with touches of little & slave, and much more…

Hold onto your butts. It might get bumpy!


  1. “I write for me and what makes me happy.” I think this is the best reason to have a personal blog. When I get unsure about my own blog Sir reminds me that my blog is for me, a place for me to share my views and feelings, and if others enjoy what I write that’s an added bonus. When I was in my 20s I was an ISTJ and now I’m in my 40s I’m an ISFJ (https://www.16personalities.com/personality-types) Curvey is a wonderful lady, I enjoyed interacting with her when we were on the same forum. Good luck with your blog.


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