I’m a mid-50’s lifelong Texan. I’ve got strong opinions of relationships, music, politics and Masculinity.

Married and monogamous for the last 30 years to a beautiful submissive the world knows as Curvey. She’s my girl and a force to be reckoned with.  She does her part by helping other submissive navigate their own journeys.

We live a D/s lifestyle. Think 50’s Head of Household from the old days where your grandparents were likely happy and living the same way.

I am my family’s sword and shield.  I will always be calm, steady and fearless in the face of any challenge.  People are counting on me.  The Warrior never settles for mediocrity.

I write my thoughts in hopes I can give back a little or just make someone think outside the box. But mostly, I write to get the words out so I can move on to my next topic of interest.

Remember:   You’ve got this.